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Keeping the flame alive

For many of us, once past the initial woaw of discovering participatory leadership, there comes a time when we despair to make it work - because we soon find out that the rest of the world hasn't caught up with us yet.

Keeping the flame alive is not an easy task, and yet we need to do it because it is the only way forward.

Soon or later, our efforts will pay - we just need to hang on and make sure we're still around when they do.

Here are some…


Added by François Thunus on March 29, 2014 at 6:52am — 1 Comment

Fully EU funded courses for education staff: Apply before March 17!

Dear colleagues,

do you wish to learn new facilitation or management skills in an international setting?

Allow yourself and the staff of your education organization to inspire and refresh yourselves, your teaching and your collaboration, funded by the new EU Programme Erasmus+:

Team-Strategy: A facilitated strategy-retreat for the future of your organization. For teams from 2 to 8 members.

14th January to 18th January…


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Friends discount for AoH Advanced Practice Online Training.

Dear AoH friends,

I already will register with a friend for the following Advanced Practice Online Training.

Now the interesting point:

If you register as a recommandation of a friend they offer a discount,

which we decided…


Added by Andreas Kranzl on January 29, 2014 at 7:51pm — No Comments

Art of Hosting in Education, Lithuania, February 11-15

Hello educators, innovators and change makers,
We are happy to invite you to the ART OF HOSTING in EDUCATION, Lithuania, February 11-15
How can we together create the education we all dream about?
We invite you to come over and be a part of change!
For more info please visit:
Please share it with your network which would find it relevant!

Added by Aurimas Razanauskas on January 15, 2014 at 9:32pm — No Comments

ALIA 2014 Summer Leadership Intensive

Greetings and thanks!

I'm very happy to start talking about the ALIA Summer Leadership Intensive gathering that will take place in Tacoma, Washington in June 2014 at Pacific Lutheran University. The design is complete and details are being filled in. Please take a look at the program here, and then think seriously about your own leadership development. What do you need? What would you like to develop further? Where and…


Added by Steven Byers on January 8, 2014 at 5:23pm — No Comments

What's possible beyond the 3 day training?

At the recent stewards gathering I hosted an open space session with this title: 'What's possible beyond the 3 day training?'. I called this session because so often after AoH trainings participants come up to me and say how inspired they are but that they aren't sure how to continue/integrate what they learned. Some ask what to do if they wanted to start making this their work, where could they learn more.

So I was curious to find out form colleagues how they deal with this and what…


Added by Simone Tiesinga-Poutnik on November 5, 2013 at 9:30pm — 8 Comments

Trip-switch Overlap

A young electrician called Scott came to remedy a fault in the electrics of my kitchen.

After two solid hours of ‘trouble shooting' – tracking wiring from source to service – re-wiring tired lines, untangling confused energy pathways, exploring roof spaces to reveal invisible circuitry of this particular energy system to find the point of…


Added by Sarah Whiteley on October 27, 2013 at 2:22pm — 2 Comments

Embracing the Stranger in Me: A Journey to Openheartedness - Book Announcement

I have been holding off on posting news about my book absolutely everywhere until the website was ready – which it is now, complete with a blog – a couple of posts are already up – and a link to the Balboa publishing site that has a few reader reviews on it, in case you want a peek into other people's experience in reading it – which has been…


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Curated Video Collection

Hello all,

Building a curated list of videos from diverse channels: (work in progress, please feel free to contact me to get new links added) Thanks, Niels - @shakingtree

Added by Niels Schuddeboom on October 15, 2013 at 8:17am — No Comments

New ICONS for AoH

Dear Art of Hosting Community,

in week of creative frenzy, I developed a few icons for Art of Hosting. 

Your feedback on these would be very welcome!

New Icons of AoH



Added by Hanno Langfelder on October 14, 2013 at 4:48pm — 1 Comment

Open letter to the Art of hosting community

»A person who cannot ask for help cannot be trusted.«

Toke Mueller, Co-founder, Art of hosting


Dear facilitators and sympathizers of the Art of Hosting community all over the world,

My name is Žiga Novak, a facilitator, NGO leader, entrepreneur and member of the Slovenian Association of Facilitators.

I am politely asking for help with an online…


Added by Žiga Novak on October 9, 2013 at 9:40am — 1 Comment

Saying YES and taking flight

When sensing is understood … feelings are tempered … practicalities tended … intention clear … and trust strong … so that we finally are ready to say yes to our YES and step off the cliff… what do we do when unforeseen 'emergent' events create the possibility and even reality that the 'movement' may be stopped in its…


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Leadership³-Academy - Prozessbegleiter für eine globale Transformation

Seit 01.09.2013 läuft das von der Europäischen Union im Rahmen von "Jugend in Aktion" geförderte Projekt "Leadership³-Academy - Activating Collective Leadership", welches für 15 junge Erwachsene bis 30 Jahre eine einjährige Ausbildung zu ProzessbegleiterInnen mit sechs Wochenendveranstaltungen in Berlin umfasst. Die Teilnahme ist nach…


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12 signs that a conference cares about its participants

Have you wondered what makes the difference between a ho-hum conference and one that leaves you inspired and energised? It can be tough choosing the right events to attend, and you’re always risking your time and your cash. I’ve been particularly lucky with my experiences at the conferences of The Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) and the SOLWorld events, both of which have been flourishing for more than a decade.

Here are 12 signs that a conference cares about its…


Added by Paul Z Jackson on August 27, 2013 at 7:29am — 1 Comment

Working with Groupworks Pattern Language Cards

2 weeks ago, I was in Totnes, UK for attending a Transition Town Launch Training.

I stayed in Totnes the week after the training and participated in Transition Town Totnes and Schumacher College events and activities.

Here is a pattern reflection of my stay there using the Groupworks Pattern Language Card…


Added by Frauke Godat on March 31, 2013 at 3:30pm — 2 Comments

Designing a Smarter Conclave

From the email list March 2013...

I don’t know if the woman who wrote this article is part of Art of Hosting.  But I found this article from Zocalo Public Square hilarious.  What a brilliant way of using a current event to spread awareness of good group process!  It’s not about AoH per se.  But she does suggest the cardinals start by building relationships and ask new, provocative questions. She has them tell stories and think together in world café.  My favorite line is how…


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Invitation to WOSONOS

As shared on the email list February 2013....

Hello Everyone,
It's been a month since Suzanne sent out the first invitation.
On behalf of the global host team, I would like to again invite all OS participants and practitioners around the world to come to Florida this May to co-create a unique World Open Space on Open Space experience. Yes everyWOSonOS is unique to those who attended it, and so we want to make the…

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Laboratories for Societal Innovation

Shared on the email list February 2013

Dear friends and colleagues,

I've started a new collaborative research blog on 'laboratories for societal innovation' to share my ongoing Phd research on the same topic. It is still under development but I wanted to open it up for a broader audience.

The blog aims to bring together together the knowledge that is emerging across a diverse community of practitioners that are engaged in…


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Assistantship at the Acadamy of Visionautics

Interested in adult learning? Become an EU funded assistant at the Academy of Visionautics in Berlin. Learn how to develop, promote, test and evaluate adult learning products for social innovation in an international team. Apply till march 16th at…


Added by Boris Goldammer on March 7, 2013 at 5:30am — 2 Comments

Hostet die Quadranten !

Die Ausgangssituation:

Eine kleine Gruppe ( 10 Personen ) die gesellschaftspolitisch aktiv ist, muss sich aufgrund von Änderungen im Außen neu orientieren.  Fast jedes Mitglied hat eine eigene Meinung bzw. Perspektive auf das „gemeinsame“  Projekt. Es gibt wenig WIR in der Gruppe.

Daher ein Experiment:

Eine kurze Erklärung von Ken Wilbers Modell mit den 4 Quadranten zu Beginn.

Innen - Außensicht       Ich Perspektive | Gruppenperspektive.

Der Raum wird mit…


Added by Andreas Schulz on February 27, 2013 at 1:39pm — 1 Comment


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