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As shared on the email list February 2013....

Hello Everyone,
It's been a month since Suzanne sent out the first invitation.
On behalf of the global host team, I would like to again invite all OS participants and practitioners around the world to come to Florida this May to co-create a unique World Open Space on Open Space experience. Yes everyWOSonOS is unique to those who attended it, and so we want to make the 2013 WOSonOS a unique experience to as many people as possible.
I have booked my flight and will arrive on May 15th to help with the set-up. However, since our mantra for this year's preparation is "One Less Thing to Do," I am really looking forward to finding that one thing which I don't have to do. Instead, I am hoping to get a jump start on meeting people that I have heard about, read about, talked to on the phone, or exchanged email with, as well as those whom I met in London last year.
I wanted to make a special appeal to those who are relatively new to Open Space Technology - those who just read about OST, were recently trained, or had attended one or two events. I think WOSonOS is the best way to learn and appreciate the magic and wonder of Open Space Technology. You will be among many people who have facilitated the magic and wonder in so many different ways and so many different contexts.
I'd like to share a story about invitation; a story I was told in my youthful years. It's about a salt boy who wants to know what the ocean is like. He stands on the beach asking the ocean, "you look so vast. How can I begin to know you? What is it like to be an ocean?" The ocean whispers to the salt boy: "come my boy and join me." The boy inches his way into the ocean, one step at a time, until he completely immerses and dissolves himself in the ocean...then he says to the ocean: "now I know what you are like."
You won't know what WOSonOS can mean to you until you live it.
So, won't you join us?
Click here to register:
And see you in May!
Chuni Li
I welcome the opportunity to step further into stewarding participative approaches to community and leadership internationally and am thrilled to see this arise on our little island this year via the WOsonOS. Our MN AoH cohort was blessed with a deeper dive into OS guided by the skilled hands of Diane Gibeault in January 2013. (Thanks again Jerry:-)) She broadened our scope of harvest ability with the news room and taught us the client/consultant waltz (It's not enough to be passionate about the work). 
To be sure, whoever shows up is/are the right people to show up and I hope that many of us diving deep into AoH will take the opportunity to unite in St Petersburg  this spring and reciprocate the open arms!

Peace and Love on Valentines Day:-)

Dawn Ellison

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