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Invitation to Transformative Meetings Workshop - New York and Vancouver

Wanted to share this invitation with you all as the early bird pricing for New York is ending this Friday August 22nd and the registration for Vancouver is now open for…

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Designing a Smarter Conclave

From the email list March 2013...

I don’t know if the woman who wrote this article is part of Art of Hosting.  But I found this article from Zocalo Public Square hilarious.  What a brilliant way of using a current event to spread awareness of good group process!  It’s not about AoH per se.  But she does suggest the cardinals start by building relationships and ask new, provocative questions. She has them tell stories and think together in world café.  My favorite line is how…


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Invitation to WOSONOS

As shared on the email list February 2013....

Hello Everyone,
It's been a month since Suzanne sent out the first invitation.
On behalf of the global host team, I would like to again invite all OS participants and practitioners around the world to come to Florida this May to co-create a unique World Open Space on Open Space experience. Yes everyWOSonOS is unique to those who attended it, and so we want to make the…

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Laboratories for Societal Innovation

Shared on the email list February 2013

Dear friends and colleagues,

I've started a new collaborative research blog on 'laboratories for societal innovation' to share my ongoing Phd research on the same topic. It is still under development but I wanted to open it up for a broader audience.

The blog aims to bring together together the knowledge that is emerging across a diverse community of practitioners that are engaged in…


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What the Business Innovation Factory has in common with AoH

Hello community,


In September I was fortunate to attend the Business Innovation Factory's Story Summit, where 30 innovators gathered to share their stories on innovation from all sectors. I carried with me questions connected to hosting and harvested insights in the scaffold of the 5 Breaths/Chaordic Stepping Stones. My notes are posted on my blog should any nuggets be useful to…


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Art of Hosting Harvest - Bowen Island

I had the incredible, incredible opportunity to attend the Art of Hosting retreat on Bowen Island last week. And as part of the Harvest team I’d like to offer a summary to our group: (for best viewing, click Fullscreen under the More menu then navigate with your -> arrow).

Thank you to Caitlin, Teresa, Tenneson and Chris for designing and…

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On Eldership and Leadership: Me at 100


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Bowen Island AoH: Reflection on Hosting Ourselves


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