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From the email list March 2013...

I don’t know if the woman who wrote this article is part of Art of Hosting.  But I found this article from Zocalo Public Square hilarious.  What a brilliant way of using a current event to spread awareness of good group process!  It’s not about AoH per se.  But she does suggest the cardinals start by building relationships and ask new, provocative questions. She has them tell stories and think together in world café.  My favorite line is how this would be a great audition for the new pope: “The cardinals would get to see who’s a good listener, who’s a good communicator, who tries to dominate, and who’s the more sophisticated thinker, able to dance with paradox and uncertainty.” 


The article is below.  Here’s the original link:





Hi Janice...

Kristin Cobble is a long time friend from San Francisco and has participated in and hosted many different processes, including women's circles, World Cafe and others.  I'm not sure if she's ever attended an Art of Hosting, but she certainly shares the values that underpin all of our mutual work.
Thanks for sending will be great to connect with her around these ideas.
Warm regards,

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