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A young electrician called Scott came to remedy a fault in the electrics of my kitchen.

After two solid hours of ‘trouble shooting' – tracking wiring from source to service – re-wiring tired lines, untangling confused energy pathways, exploring roof spaces to reveal invisible circuitry of this particular energy system to find the point of disconnect - he finally hit his limit of bemusement and rang his boss, for advice.  ‘It has a ‘neutral’ but doesn’t have ‘live’ – everything’s connected … it shows 12 volts but it doesn’t work.  Never seen it before.  Doesn’t make sense’.

No other information was added to help.

Through talking more about the house over a cup of tea – I mentioned that this was a converted annexe, adjoined to the main house next door.  Scott then thought, perhaps this one ‘circuit breaker’ socket was next door too!  Three phone calls to track the owner and access was granted. One flick of a switch later … and the electricity was back on!

Two hours of searching revealed the point of systemic overlap and the location of the ‘tripped’ switch.

Sourcing our own ‘tripped’ switches that disengage our power takes responsibility and diligence. Sourcing interconnected ‘tripped’ switches within webs of relationship is another – and are oftentimes more difficult to track.  To locate what is ours to tend and re-wire is tender and timely work; but equally, having an expanded awareness to source the ‘circuit breaks’ beyond our selves, but that also affect us, is crucial. Both have the capacity to empower and dis-empower the system as a whole.

Timely advice perhaps during this time of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, October 21st, to November 10th 2013 ~ 

It's a time to:

  • empty out the excess, extremes and floating debris within the mental energy body, mind and thought process.
  • examine which perception, thought, idea, concept and information is empowering
  • Wait and be patient
  • Allow healing to take place through shifting perception
  • Be clear and direct in our dealings
  • Shed perceptions, thinking and limitations within the mind

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Comment by Heather Nehring on January 15, 2014 at 4:23am

Thanks for the nice picture!

Comment by Niamh Swanson on November 21, 2013 at 2:32pm

I think smashing the plate helped empty the excess!!  Thanks for sharing the tripped switch metaphor, Sarah, as always such a great analogy :-) x

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