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Trip-switch Overlap

A young electrician called Scott came to remedy a fault in the electrics of my kitchen.

After two solid hours of ‘trouble shooting' – tracking wiring from source to service – re-wiring tired lines, untangling confused energy pathways, exploring roof spaces to reveal invisible circuitry of this particular energy system to find the point of…


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Saying YES and taking flight

When sensing is understood … feelings are tempered … practicalities tended … intention clear … and trust strong … so that we finally are ready to say yes to our YES and step off the cliff… what do we do when unforeseen 'emergent' events create the possibility and even reality that the 'movement' may be stopped in its…


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Navigating in Times of Transition

At home at Axladitsa Avatakia this evening, I find myself entering a depth writing weekend with the intention of completing my second book, and sending the draft to my copy-editor for the first wave of reflections and re-patterning, Monday morning.  

* Available in April


As The Order of Creation, A Book of Poems continues to move out in another wave today (30% off promotion…


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Stopped Dead by Death on 'Burnt Thursday'

I finally took my walk with Freddie – my sweet kairos protector - who stood in front of the Apothiki looking directly at me as I sat at my computer – saying it was now time to go.  He had not had his morning walk.  I was in no mood to go – and anyway, he had gone hurtling out of the door to visit the neighbours. It was after all an hour later than his usual excursion as I had overslept due to finally getting to sleep in the early hours of…


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Dare Step into the Fire of your Heart's Song

Bridging Now and Then


All that is still to be

And has Become

The Song

Sung with Heart-full breath

Beyond the Self

Blessings’ wealth…


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We – human Beings, humanity – are at a crossroads that holds profound choice. Do we go this way or that? Do we stay on the path we are on… or choose another? Do we let go, open up, walk out… walk on?

All are possible. All are choices. Yet what choice provides the greatest flow, the greatest service, the greatest potential? How do we discern? How do we find the courage to say YES – and move… in order to place ourselves well?…


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Cracks in the Ice

"There are Cracks in the Ice!!"


“Don’t worry, we’re fast climbers!”




We had seen the forecast and knew we needed to get to the base of the ice climb early.


As a staff team of Outdoor educators, we were in training in the Scottish Highlands learning the winter arts of ice-climbing, skiing and winter mountaineering.  We were excited as this year – 1985 - held the best conditions for years.  Glistening, thick snow, cold…


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Structures liberated to host the Wild at the Hearth

Dear Freddie, our dog, slept in front of the fire - the first time he has been dowstairs in the house all night on his own.  Lily, his sister - who sadly went missing in the spring - used to jump on the chairs and chew things, so it was never possible to leave them at night.  Freddie slept soundly and in the morning greeted me in his usual sweet, excited way until I let him…


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Balancing the Edge with Beauty

The Edge is really here in Greece – and the call for transformation resonating at all levels.  Despair and Outrage are rising as the injustices become more visible – and equally Responsibility and Resilience are arising also.


As Maria wrote in an email a day ago: “I am in Athens right now - and the disintegration of the old system is really strong - everything is coming to a standstill here - garbage is not being collected, general strikes about two days a week on…


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Balance Point of Truths

Today, a dear and trusted friend voiced a concern of me having posted the video of the UKIP MEP, Nigel Farage – a  UK public servant who’s political party, according to Google is ‘Libertarian, non-racist party seeking Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.’


I replied,  “Yes, I (we) know he is of the Right.  He simply offers a…


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Safety nets for learning




Inspired by the conversation, on Democracy Rising in Greece - about our sense of co-creating a place in Athens, I found this great video on National Geographic: on…


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Wholeness of Economy

Yesterday I received a question from someone on a Ning network, who had clearly read my profile page and blog entries….“ Sarah...How are you systematically shifting your own financial system...or is that a question too far...?”


To which I replied…”Fundamentally - thank you for asking...x”


“Sarah...fundamentally is a big call, where do you start or where did you start...?”


It got me thinking, that perhaps I needed to become conscious and harvest…


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All is not lost

On the face of it, its hard not to lose heart.  Yet, in a sense, the situation here in Greece is getting more real – with the deeper layers of culture exposed through the events these past months.  It has informed our conversations within our local field here and shown the nature of the real challenges ahead.

So we,…


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Waves of a New World

Maria and I are back in Greece, after spending a week co-hosting the first Archinool gathering in Israel, with Vanessa (co-founder of the Living Wholeness Institute), Yitzhak, Elder of LWI, and Meni Rosenberg, passionate caller and inspirer of Archinool.  Our 2-day… Continue

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Keep Building the New....

Look what too place yesterday...with the Collaborative Space Making at Axladitsa...



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Sacred Act of Hospicing the Dying

I was privileged to know Tony Scordialos, father of Anna, Stella and Maria.


I was even more privileged to be part of his care, in the final years of his life.  He had multiple and conflicting life-threatening health issues that required the skills of a number of specialist physicians to come to his aid.  In essence, they all clearly worked for the good of Kyrie (Mr) Tony – yet, they worked in medical ‘silo’s’ – and so their diagnoses were mainly coherent, yet sometimes…


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Right to be Here

Yesterday we had our inaugural core team conversation about the Collaborative Space Making.  A sweet, flowing, organic, focused and practical call…seeing the next steps for our ongoing work together.


During our time together, we spoke about how it seemed particularly significant that this build was happening at this time. 


As the actions of this…


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Dancing the Space Open

This evening I am back at Axladitsa – having left Athens at 5.30am this morning with Maria to travel 5.5 hours back to Pelion for an important appointment.  Maria is now back to Athens to journey to Brussels tomorrow for work.  A busy day - hence the delayed account from last night’s events in Syntagma Square.


We were scheduled to host a World Café…


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Dialogue in Syntagma Tonight

Dear Friends,

So - this is how it is.  We are going back down to Athina - hoping Maria will make it from Rhodes - and we do not know what will happen.

From 7:30 tonight - there will different perspectives being offered through speakers - in Syntagma.  Based on a conversation that we had with one of the folks holding the space in the square - Giorgos - it feels like good timing to host a conversation…

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One View of Syntagma - 15 June, 2011

We leave the house at 1pm


Sisters, Partners, Friends


On the Tram, we travel


Preparing to be together


Syntagma is buzzing


Gathering in hope

Chanting and cheering


Support, connect the flow


Air is clear, troops are…


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