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Dear Friends,

So - this is how it is.  We are going back down to Athina - hoping Maria will make it from Rhodes - and we do not know what will happen.

From 7:30 tonight - there will different perspectives being offered through speakers - in Syntagma.  Based on a conversation that we had with one of the folks holding the space in the square - Giorgos - it feels like good timing to host a conversation afterwards - to bring in more voices and begin to speak with one another.  Will it happen - will be a world cafe - will we create something different - God knows.

But - we will be there - ready to serve and bring in some of our practice in service for what is wanting to emerge.  We might serve by simply holding space - in silence - we might host by speaking and inviting others into conversation.

If you wish to let people know that the perspectives and conversation are happening tonight starting at 7:30 - please go for it.

Packing and getting ready to leave soon.

Freddy - Mish Mish, Nerantzi, Willow, Max, Mia, Louis, Rosie, Taloulah and Cleo - will be holding space for us all from Axladitsa - we are in good hands


Maria and Sarah

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