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At home at Axladitsa Avatakia this evening, I find myself entering a depth writing weekend with the intention of completing my second book, and sending the draft to my copy-editor for the first wave of reflections and re-patterning, Monday morning.  

* Available in April


As The Order of Creation, A Book of Poems continues to move out in another wave today (30% off promotion until Sunday 19th February) - I know for myself, I am consciously inviting in all intelligences that can assist my navigation in these times of intense change and transition.  This is the nature and intent of this Book of Poems.


Tonight I wrote a piece that will most probably be part of the second book and speaks to some of the patterns that I see right now in our world - a experience gifted to me during a sea-kayaking trip I co-hosted in 2005 on the island of Alonnisos in the Northern Sporades, Greece.


"The Winds had changed the course of our trip on the islands and yet had opened a space of profound beauty that none of us could have planned, but each one of us relished.  The experience had offered a powerful reminder that to stay open and adaptable within a shifting landscape  - whilst staying connected to key reference points and embracing new ones - was crucial.  To be witness to this navigational art form in action - that embodied a profound mastery - was perhaps the deepest learning for all.  This time, coming from a fisherman, his dog and the Aegean Sea - a most deeply indigenous and humbling teacher-triad."

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