The Art of Hosting

When sensing is understood … feelings are tempered … practicalities tended … intention clear … and trust strong … so that we finally are ready to say yes to our YES and step off the cliff… what do we do when unforeseen 'emergent' events create the possibility and even reality that the 'movement' may be stopped in its tracks? How do we not 'fall' - physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually - perceiving the step forward to be ‘wrong’ or even, the real-time 'flight' impossible?

When the YES is expressed and starts ‘traveling’, how is it even possible to stop its potential unfolding?

If this be true, how do we stay open and continue inviting Life to contract with our YES and 'meet' its potential fully ... trusting enough ... that we can navigate unforeseen 'turbulence', and even find safe ground if necessary, in ways we could not have seen before taking flight?

A YES is a subtle Elegant Step ... LISTEN to POEM, Elegance's Step.

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