The Art of Hosting


Here we are collecting resources (articles and documents) available and relevant for Art of Hosting practitioners - to download.

If you are NOT familiar with Art of Hosting - or you need information to inform others, then start here:

- visit the Art of Hosting website (and notice it is available in different languages!)

- you can read several blogposts telling each what Art of Hosting is:

Kathy Jourdain's blogpost on What is Art of Hosting? and another: Art of Hosting: example of a Collaborative Network,

Tenneson Woolf's post, as a contribution to Peggy Holman's book: What is the Art of Hosting? - 2010

and another one by Tenneson: Art of Hosting: an invitation to layers of purpose - 2015

Tim Merry's What is the Art of Hosting? again! - 2016

- a two-pager - Art of Hosting Story. Following the Life Energy - is part of a book by Peggy Holman, Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity, 100100 AoH story PHolman Book.pdf

- or read From Hero to Host, part of a book written by Meg Wheatley and Deborah Frieze, and telling the story of how Art of Hosting practice has been applied in Columbus Ohio: BerkanaColumbus FromHerotoHost.pdf

- you can also read Art of Hosting in a Hurry, written by Chris Corrigan
Hosting in a hurry version 1.5ChrisC.pdf

Related with business contexts:
- Leadership is a conversation,by Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind, published in Harvard Business Review, June 2012.

- The Dawn of System Leadership, by Peter Senge, Hal Hamilton, & John Kania, published in Stanford Social Innovation Review, winter 2015.

- How collective intelligence overcomes the problem of groupthink, by Jane C Hu, published in Aeon, Oct.2016.

- We can't keep meeting like this: developing the capacity for cross-sector collaboration, by Mille Bojer, published in Systems Thinker.

- More solid resources on both the SystemsThinker archive and on the ReosPartners blog....

If you have ideas to what else should be included here please post it in the conversation about resources and we will harvest that space for all the nuggets.


Core Art of Hosting practices and patterns

More about Art of Hosting Patterns

Documents related to an Art of Hosting Training


Full Handouts - Workbooks


Information in German - Material auf deutsch

Information in French - en français

Information in Italian

History (how it began) and Stewardship (Governance) of the Art of Hosting network


Background Articles


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