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Want More Book Sales And Profits? Become A Green Blogger!

The amoral, immoral, depraved, as well as the ungodly are on hand through this media. There's plenty to do in old England, an individual don't must be take our word for doing it. Even though storylines end, they rarely really end.


I like reading, occasion. As a teenager I was always on lookout may well be great works of fiction. That's when I came across novels by Judith McNaught. Although Enjoy all her work but my all-time…


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Book Review - Austenland


Book Review - Austenland


Wanted to use their cars out belonging to the weather. Lengthy ago i wrote and published an amorous short story on Amazon's Kindle. Within the.g. you wouldn't find a tractor in Regency London for incident!…


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Sơ lược truyện con đường bá chủ - Artofhosting

Con Đường Bá Chủ là bộ sắc hiệp tu tiên của tác giả Akay Hau nổi tiếng từ đầu năm 2020, là một trong những bộ tiên hiệp made in Việt Nam hot nhất hiện tại.

Review Con Đường Bá Chủ - bộ sắc hiệp tu tiên đỉnh cấp năm 2020

Thông tin truyện:

  • Tác giả: Akay Hau
  • Thể loại: Truyện người Việt sáng tác, Sắc hiệp, Dị giới, Hệ thống, Xuyên…

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Đọc truyện Vạn cổ thần đế - Truyenff

Năm 16 tuổi, khi Trương Nhược Trần đang là thiên tài trẻ tuổi nhất của Côn Lôn Giới tu luyện đến Thiên cực cảnh thì bị vị hôn thê thanh mai trúc mã Trì Dao công chúa sát hại.

Thông tin truyện:

  • Tác giả: Phi Thiên Ngư
  • Thể loại: Tiên hiệp, Huyền huyễn, Trọng sinh báo thù, Harem
  • Tình trạng: Đang ra đến chương 3.035
  • Link đọc truyện: …

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AOH Training for Practitioners of Social Innovation Labs: a tentative Proposal

Well as the last blog post seems to date back to 2016 I thought I'd add my little piece here too...if only to keep thing current!

I've been researching and networking within the social innovations lab scene and I've found that they tend to rather insular and poor at sharing 'best practice' (i.e. stuff that they have found works) between each other. There are several possible solutions to this but such as developing a stronger sharing culture within and between communities…


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Ruta Jonuseviciute and I like to share the story how we got mates at a training and became buddygurads for each other using AoH Methods. We also found out some guidelines how to buddyguard each other so you never work alone.

Buddyguard Story


Did you ever come back from a training thinking, how can I share my learnings and reflect on what has…


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Bristol - listening city

I am keen to start a listening circle in Bristol (England).  Are there any Bristol based people who would like to join in?

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Art of Hosting 3 day intensive training

Dear all, 

Some of you have already registered. If you consider joining us for a 3 day intensive training in Lisbon, Portugal on 22-25 September, I'd like to let you know that Early Bird rates will be available until this Friday, June 17th.

This is the very first training in Portugal. Portugal is…

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Free workshop on collaborative skills - Miami, FL - June 15 - 6:00-8:30 PM

FreshBiz workshop

We are hosting a free event on developing the entrepreneurial skills of collaboration and creativity, by playing a fun Monopoly-type board game called FreshBiz. This game was developed in Israel and tests the impact of our actions on others and the benefits of collaborating. We do not charge anything but ask participants to contribute with $10 to any of their…


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The Cynefin Framework is helpful for discerning adaptive challenges and appropriateness of AoH

(re-posted from

One of the most important leadership innovations of the last two decades is a model for assessing whether we are working with technical fixes or adaptive challenges. In the complex environment that we are experiencing, we can buy into the idea that everything is an adaptive challenge that requires an adaptive leadership approach. While we do face many… Continue

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Conversations Matter

A posting that I recently shared on my website:

I have been involved in a leadership role in the United Church of Canada from a very young age. Throughout that time, my participation in communities of faith has provided a container to engage in many, many conversations about things that matter: ideas, emotions,…


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Compartiendo cosecha de la potente formación de Art of Hosting, formato residencial en plena naturaleza cerca de Madrid

Durante los días 25, 26 y 27 de septiembre disfrutamos de la formación de Art of Hosting en un formato taller residencial en plena naturaleza, en el fértil valle de la Vera (El cielo de la Vera). Nuestra pregunta motor fue:

¿Cómo impulsamos el poder transformador de personas, equipos y organizaciones para crear juntos otro mundo basado en la colaboración y la participación?




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Bring your favorite pet to life on canvas

Painting the portrait of a cute pet would be the best ever gift to a pet-lover. If you have a pet and would like to bring it to life on canvas to recreate that love and bond you share, you can try finding professional art classes or exclusive canvas painting classes that can help you create one. When you are in New York, looking for interesting things to do in NYC, such art classes could be the ideal activity, especially…


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8 Team Building Exercises for Adults

You must be aware of the fact that team building activities are highly important to enhance the productivity of a workforce. Unless a team is able to connect, it is difficult for them to reach out to each other with problems or queries. Therefore, an organization should concentrate on effective and fun team building activities that are effective both in terms of budget and time.

In fact, corporate team building…


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The Way Forward


In the Engagement Circles and World Cafes I facilitate, a recurring pattern is emerging.  This pattern is a weave of two threads.  The first thread carries with it the desire we have to bring our humanity to our organizations and our work places.  All of it.  Not just the strands that hide…


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Health Care Management Challenge: Building Trust and Social Capital Through Circle Practice

Health care organizations today are facing enormous challenges, not the least of which is long range planning in the face of acute systemic uncertainty. In the United States, The Affordable Care Act has been praised by some and vilified by others. The fact is the verdict is not yet known. This “not knowing” fuels the rampant uncertainty. Anyone who works on the financial side of health care institutions…


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Northland Community Engagement Team report released

The Government of Alberta released the work we did with the Northland Community Engagement Team.  We worked with the Team of minister appointed First Nation and Metis representatives from communities across northern Alberta, for 9 months in 2011. We visually facilitated while the team reviewed recommendations from the 2009 Inquiry Team, through the lens of "Kids First", and through consensus building…


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Build a Circle and They Will Come…

Regardless of where on the spectrum of formal structure a present day meeting may lie, a simple yet powerful assumption most often hangs in the shadows:  “Silence means consent!”  These words are specifically spelled out in Robert’s Rules of Order.  Even meetings that take place with far less structure and order tend to make this assumption.

“Anyone have anything to add? Any further comments?…..(silence)… Good then, it’s…


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Invitation to Transformative Meetings Workshop - New York and Vancouver

Wanted to share this invitation with you all as the early bird pricing for New York is ending this Friday August 22nd and the registration for Vancouver is now open for…

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Midsummer eve in Amsterdam,
Third day of AoH at Knowmads. Enjoying the learnings!

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