The Art of Hosting

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Here we are collecting documents and tools that can be helpful in your work as a host - hosting team.


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- A FAQ-document related with a training in New Zealand, written by Mary-Alice Arthur in 2010.

100000 AoH FAQ NZealand.pdf

- An Art of Hosting introductory video, made in Minnesota, 2011.

- Another video, using the Art of Hosting practice for large-scale problems and change.

- Host: Six New Roles of Engagement, a book by Mark McKergow and Helen Bailey, a new synthesis about how anyone can build their practice in a dynamic and responsive way by leading as a host. 

- Practice of Satsang PS: Conscious Living, a book by Natasha Dalmia with a chapter on AoH, especially on the Four Fold Practice experience & interpretation that my community and many can truly learn much from.



Why is it that some meetings and group sessions bring life to your soul, while others leave you wishing you'd never stepped in the room?  What happens at the best ones, that makes them productive, fulfilling, and sometimes even magic?  More than 50 facilitators and others worked collaboratively to birth this expression of core wisdom at the heart of successful meetings. 

The new deck "Group Works: A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings" contains 91 cards naming what skilled facilitators do over and over again to make things work.  The content is more specific than values, less specific than tips and techniques, and cuts across existing methodologies with a designer's eye to capture patterns that repeat.  The deck can be used to plan sessions, reflect on and debrief from them, provide guidance mid-stride, and share responsibility for making the process go well.  It has the potential to provide a common reference point for practitioners coming from wildly different approaches, and to serve as a framework and learning tool for those studying the field. 

These cards have been created by a group of volunteers (the Group Pattern Language Project) as a public service and are being gifted into the commons.  The deck is yours for free download and for sale as a lovely printed package; a phone app is also under development.  Get your own copy, join our learning community, post a review, help fill out the patterns with resources and instructions, give us feedback, and more.  See for more information.


From the Inquiry Institute: a free map to download that makes you aware of different levels of choice - questions.

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