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A place and people calling for Real Democracy - Syntagma, Athens

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The System Shift is On…!

In the Conversations

In the Hearts

In the Eyes

In the Hands

Of those who Care

To Dare

To Face

Full frontal

The Need for Change



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The System Shift is ON

Dear Friends

As Maria and I prepare to travel to the UK this afternoon – I find myself sitting with the can I/we be of best service when the movement is moving?

I wrote this rap/poem a while ago, in connection to the work the Finance Innovation Lab UK work – that many of us are in right now...and the Art of Collaborative Leadership gathering is the next step we gather around…

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Is it time to Wake Up?

“Is it Time to Wake Up?” Humankind asked, rubbing sleepy eyes, stretching arms wide, as the Earth sat quietly at the foot of the bed.


“I think so, but it’s not up to me”, The Earth replied with deep compassion.  “I’ve tried to help you understand that we are intimately connected – and influence each other daily - not always positively I might add - but its only when Disturbance shows up that you hear me.  And when he does show up  - and he…


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Power in the Background

Recently in the final check out of a circle conversation, I was framed as having been ‘…in the background’.  The others in the circle were each thanked by name for offering such insight in the conversations…


What’s the big fuss about, you might ask?  Remember, Power in Making Tea…?  Its tricky business being in the space of holding all that goes on in the foreground, and that those of us ‘back stage’ could be deemed less important, or even immaterial.  Certainly, we’re…


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Burn for Something

This morning – as is my practice these days – I tended the fire. Another cold, rainy day here at Axladitsa – now totalling two weeks.  So, last night I placed more wood to make sure it would still be hot in the morning – and easily refreshed with logs.  Yet, as I tended the embers this morning, to took more effort than usual to get the fire going again.


Blowing hard, placing small sticks, opening and closing the bottom grill to bring more air – the conditions simply did not…


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