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October 2011 Blog Posts (5)

Structures liberated to host the Wild at the Hearth

Dear Freddie, our dog, slept in front of the fire - the first time he has been dowstairs in the house all night on his own.  Lily, his sister - who sadly went missing in the spring - used to jump on the chairs and chew things, so it was never possible to leave them at night.  Freddie slept soundly and in the morning greeted me in his usual sweet, excited way until I let him…


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Balancing the Edge with Beauty

The Edge is really here in Greece – and the call for transformation resonating at all levels.  Despair and Outrage are rising as the injustices become more visible – and equally Responsibility and Resilience are arising also.


As Maria wrote in an email a day ago: “I am in Athens right now - and the disintegration of the old system is really strong - everything is coming to a standstill here - garbage is not being collected, general strikes about two days a week on…


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What the Business Innovation Factory has in common with AoH

Hello community,


In September I was fortunate to attend the Business Innovation Factory's Story Summit, where 30 innovators gathered to share their stories on innovation from all sectors. I carried with me questions connected to hosting and harvested insights in the scaffold of the 5 Breaths/Chaordic Stepping Stones. My notes are posted on my blog should any nuggets be useful to…


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tools versus mindset

i just returned from some coaching and consulting work. i am struck by the similarity of experience that todays leaders face across companies, industries and even across sectors. as a leader today, you find yourself in NO-WHERE-LAND. on the one side you have all the tools that you learned from consultants, business schools and other sources of conventional management wisdom. on the other side you have a huge leadership challenge that you currently face. and inbetween these two things, there…


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Caution up ahead

I thought this was rather appropriate for much of the Art of Hosting work... a sign that says "I know there's a need for caution up ahead, but I no longer know how to define it."

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