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i just returned from some coaching and consulting work. i am struck by the similarity of experience that todays leaders face across companies, industries and even across sectors. as a leader today, you find yourself in NO-WHERE-LAND. on the one side you have all the tools that you learned from consultants, business schools and other sources of conventional management wisdom. on the other side you have a huge leadership challenge that you currently face. and inbetween these two things, there is a HUGE GAP. a NOWHERE-LAND. and you find yourself right in the middle of that NOWHERE-ZONE. alone.

the only thing that you can rely on in situations like this is your self-knowing. the deepening of your SELF-knowing. the deepening of your awareness. THAT is, what presencing is all about. to provide a method to collectively CREATE from that NOWHERE-ZONE.

but that technology does not work if you use it with a mindset that belongs to the old toolkit (“problemsolving”). it requires a new mindset. a mindset that is acutely aware of that NOWHERE-ZONE right in front of us, right within us. the awareness of that GAP right NOW right HERE provides a crack where the window to an heightened awareness opens up. without that window open, we cannot cross the distance from self to Self—from no-where to now-here.

–otto scharmer

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Comment by Ursula Hillbrand on October 10, 2011 at 4:10pm
Martin, thank you so much for voicing that. It is exactly my experience also, and mostly in the public sector, across cultures, countries, genders and nationalities. It is exactly in the window you describe, that it is possible for anyone to become more human and connected again, to SELF, to one another, to the surroundings, to get touched in one's heart and touch others in their hearts and so come to wiser solutions or questions. With AoH we can do this, as it is inner and outer leadership at the same time. Depending on the courage and maturity of the person, the window opens in a more or less sustainable way between encounters with the NEW way of being and working for many, meaning doing it from the HERE and NOW. And depending on that we can be more or less explicit, but always have an impact in a subtle way anyway. Until someone notices, becomes aware and choses to stay aware.

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