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Finding firm ground in times of upheaval

I recently posted an entry on the MIT CoLab Radio site (Finding Firm Ground in Times of Upheaval) in which I reflected upon the current events that quake and swirl all around us and my initial responses to them.


Shalom to all.


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Resilience in Japan

Much is stirring in Japan these days. My own journey there began 40 years ago when I "escaped" from the US. Those were the days of the Vietnam War and when the National Guard murdered 4 students at Kent State and the USA began to bomb Cambodia. I -- a young War Proterster -- was pushed over the top. I had to leave. Had to get out. A door opened to Japan; I knew it was over there near China (I'd taken a Chinese history class).

My life was changed. I sometimes speak of how my life has… Continue

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What can we do from far away?

This post was inspired by the AoH UK gathering last Saturday in London.



Our world is more connected than ever and it is getting more likely that people have at least a friend or two in places where an accident or natural disaster occurs. Some will have family and other stronger links, of course, but my point is that you are likely to feel closer…


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Is it time to Wake Up?

“Is it Time to Wake Up?” Humankind asked, rubbing sleepy eyes, stretching arms wide, as the Earth sat quietly at the foot of the bed.


“I think so, but it’s not up to me”, The Earth replied with deep compassion.  “I’ve tried to help you understand that we are intimately connected – and influence each other daily - not always positively I might add - but its only when Disturbance shows up that you hear me.  And when he does show up  - and he…


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Power in the Background

Recently in the final check out of a circle conversation, I was framed as having been ‘…in the background’.  The others in the circle were each thanked by name for offering such insight in the conversations…


What’s the big fuss about, you might ask?  Remember, Power in Making Tea…?  Its tricky business being in the space of holding all that goes on in the foreground, and that those of us ‘back stage’ could be deemed less important, or even immaterial.  Certainly, we’re…


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Burn for Something

This morning – as is my practice these days – I tended the fire. Another cold, rainy day here at Axladitsa – now totalling two weeks.  So, last night I placed more wood to make sure it would still be hot in the morning – and easily refreshed with logs.  Yet, as I tended the embers this morning, to took more effort than usual to get the fire going again.


Blowing hard, placing small sticks, opening and closing the bottom grill to bring more air – the conditions simply did not…


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Waking Up the Workplace online interview series

Waking Up the Workplace

A free online interview series exploring the emerging field of conscious business by means of live interviews with Otto Scharmer, Fred Kofman, Brian Robertson, Tony Schwartz, Bill Torbert, Bob Anderson, Jeff Klein, Tami Simon, and…


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A hosted experiment in community...

An interesting experiment has been taking place in Melbourne, Australia around the creation of generative spaces for strengthening neighbourhoods and tackling challenging issues.


The experiment was started, perhaps rather unexpectedly, by a church but most decidedly it was not an attempt to try draw people “into the institution.” Instead it asked how might we create more neighbourhood spaces for authentic engagement, person to person? It worked on the assumption that we can…


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Thank you all!

Thank you all for showing up fully!

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Art of Hosting Song

For one of our recent AoH Practice days I trained this song with a little spontaneous choir, so we could sing it together with the whole group as a check-out activity. It had a really good effect, and the participants asked to do it over and over...The good thing was the melody everyone knew, so pleople could really join in and open up to the words. After a day like this the content connection did the rest...


So here is the text for alterations and adaptations to any…


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Lessons from a Journey of Collaboration

“Building Together for Our Children”: Lessons from a Journey of Collaboration
I enjoyed reading this report of insights and learnings by Marianne Knuth, of a process she facilitated in South Africa. It was posted (Dec 9th, 2010) on the…

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Some useful files

An audio file of Teresa and I teaching the Berkana change model from a perspective of hosting mastery:


A recent source journal for the Art of Hosting.

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Riders on the storm

Are you a rider on the storm?


A 'Rider on the Storm' is a term we use to describe people such as facilitators and coaches who work with organisations and individuals facing the storm of external and internal change. Professionally and personally our job is to ride the storm on an almost permenant basis. We also need to be able to ride our own professional and personal storms so they don't affect the quality of the services we offer our clients.


Does this…


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Audio files of teaching sessions from Calgary

From our recent Art of Hosting in Calgary, here are links to a number of audio files featuring Chris Corrigan, Teresa Posakony and Tenneson Woolf teaching some of the tools and frameworks we are currently using.



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Harvest from the Art of Hosting Calgary

In Calgary last week we used a ning replacement called to host the harvest from our days together.  If you head on over there you will find photos, Open Space reports and an extensive collection of audio files with some of the teachings we did including teachings on the Berkana model of systemic change, a framework for balancing work, co-learning and relationships, the chaordic stepping stones, the art of harvesting and a…


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the gift we cannot give

Parker Palmer


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Practical Mystics


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Harvest from Ohio State University training

We spent December 14 - 16 growing our AoH community of practice at Ohio State University, now nearing 200-strong.  Three days of intense conversation and companionship, standing in the light of our mates in Columbus, and worldwide (Toke, Monica, Phil, Chris Corrigan: you were there in spirit). 

In thanks and appreciation, we offer part of our harvest to Hosts everywhere:



Come back from the fields

let them…


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The Art of Weaving

I came across a nice blog post on the Art of Weaving; really worthwhile reading!

Here is one of the first paragraphs:

"Weaving, the principal leadership practice in Network Organizing, is an intentional practice of helping people connect to information, opportunity, each other and, most importantly, their own personal power. Weavers do this by opening new…


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AoH Leadership Masterclass in Sydney

Take a look and send to anyone who might be interested!


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