The Art of Hosting

This growing community of practice would like to invite Vancouver area Art of Hosting practitioners to their first meet-up on January 29th, 2012 from 11:30am to 6:00pm.

This is an invitation to be in space with each other to share learning edges, to be in the wave of picking up what other people are doing and what others are dropping. A space to experiment and combine practices, to find the next place for being of service. To fail forward together and make a lab for our learning.

Join this punky DIY culture to continue learning, to network and practice these arts of hosting while being in connection with the global community of practice. Together we will create mentoring partnerships, discover what people are working on, where we are hungry and what opportunities are emerging.

This first meeting will be our annual planning meeting: a calendar that becomes an Open Space, where the host will find the location and the process. This will be a big Open Space that runs the gamut between play and real work in the world. 


You are invited to come prepared with your questions and ideas to co-create this local community of practice. A small food nibbly to share with the group is also welcome - these hobbits must eat!

Registration can be found here - please register so we know to expect and welcome you!

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This sounds good - connecting with other practitioners in the area!  I am in Chilliwack, and because of the distance I am on the fence about attending.  Do you expect people from all over the Fraser Valley or just in Vancouver?  Have you met before as a group?  I am a little confused about the intention of meeting.   Please advise.

Hi Laura  - great to meet you. This will be our first meeting, other than a discussion about it at the recent Art of Hosting on Bowen Island in 2011. There are some notes under that group posted by Chris Corrigan if you want to peek at the back story.

The intention of this first meeting is to identify and plan topics/months for our meetings.  The concept is that we will create an Open Space agenda, where the time slots become months of the year, and people can post a topic that they are interested in exploring within the Community of Practice. People who name the topic will take responsibilty for hosting that month's meeting (finding the venue etc). We wanted to lean into Open Space's self-organizing principles for this Community of Practice, where everyone helps plan the meetings.

For the "who's coming", people are welcome from all over the lower mainland, the valley, and we might also have some folks travelling up from Washington. Who ever comes are the right people!

Hope that helps to add some context - and would be great to see you there.



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