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Books recommended by the AoH community for an upcoming course I'm teaching on facilitating groups

Recently, I asked people on the AoH email list for recommendations for books that could be used as possible textbooks for an upcoming class I'm teaching at the university on facilitating groups. I found the list quite helpful, and so I am sharing it here in case anyone else is looking for similar resources. (Note: I've also created a list of all of them on Amazon, in case you want more information)

  1. Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management, by Sarah Lewis, Jonathan Passmore, & Stefan Cantore (tip from Stefan Cantore)
  2. Designing for Growth: a design thinking tool kit for managers, by Jeanne Liedtka & Tim Ogilvie (tip from Mary Stacey)
  3. The Art of Focused Conversation: 100 Ways to Access Group Wisdom in the Workplace - R. Brian Stanford, New Society Publishers (tip from Barbara Saxberg)
  4. Making Questions Work: A Guide to What and How to Ask for Facilitators, Consultants, Managers, Coaches and Educators - Dorothy Strachan, Jossey-Bass publisher (Wiley)  (tip from Barbara Saxberg)
  5. The Art of Facilitation: How to Create Group Synergy - Hunter, Bailey and Taylor, published by Fisher Books  (tip from Barbara Saxberg)
  6. Facilitating Group Learning: Strategies for Success with Diverse Adult Learners - George Lakey, Jossey-Bass (Wiley)  (tip from Barbara Saxberg)
  7. Facilitation at a Glance, by Ingrid Bens  (tip from Barbara Saxberg)
  8. Facilitator Excellence, by Fran Rees (tip from Tracy Meisterheim)
  9. The Dream Manager, by Mathew Kelly (tip from Beth Haggett)
  10. Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within by Robert E. Quinn (tip from Beth Haggett)
  11. Seeing Systems, by Barry Oshry  (tip from Beth Haggett)
  12. Building the Bridge As You Walk On It, a Guide for Leading Change by Robert E. Quinn  (tip from Beth Haggett)
  13. Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions, by Robyn Stratton Berkessel  (tip from Beth Haggett)
  14. Managers as Facilitators, Weaver & Farell  (tip from Mary Alice Arthur)
  15. The Skilled Facilitator, by Roger Schwarz (tip from Marty Jacobs)
  16. The Skilled Facilitator Handbook, by Roger Schwarz (tip from Marty Jacobs)
  17. The Circle Way: a Leader in Every Chair, by Christina Baldwin & Ann Linnea (tip from Christina Baldwin)
  18. The Complete Facilitators Handbook, by John Heron (tip from Naomi den Besten)
  19. The Change Handbook, by Peggy Holman, Tom Devane and Steven Cady (tip from Naomi den Besten & Cheryl Honey)



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Great harvest Heather!!! I love that - good for our community! building our resource base


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