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What to observe when planning an AoH event for a large group?

Dear AoH friends, I may get the chance to plan an AoH based event for a large group of people (background: to define community needs across 3 countries).

What are in your experience the preconditions for organising and hosting such an event? (I will have a meeting with the prospective client in a couple of days and we will need to determine the conditions under which an AoH approach makes sense).

I was thinking along then lines of "..there should never be 1 single host alone" (but if not 1 - how many?), "inclusion of local AoH hosts" etc - I  am interested in everything you can think of.

It would be great to get an idea of what is absolutely necessary to host a good event - and what would be nice to have (but is not "must have").

many thanks for your ideas!

Ruth (Vienna, Austria)

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Great question Ruth!

but I think you better post it on the emaillist or on the Facebook page - not many people will pick it up here! (is my experience)

With love,


Hi Ria, thanks for your hint - but where do I find "the emaillist"?? Am having trouble navigating my way through the AoH website??

sorry... here is the page in the .org website: - find 'list serve' and then you are there!

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