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Hi there

I've been having a think.

I’ve been thinking about whether or not I express the qualities that I’d like the government and the corporations in our world to express,


Asking myself if I’m a model for them. 


I’ve been wondering if I behave in a way that I’d like the people in positions of power, to behave.


Last night I woke up with a rambling mind and thought these thoughts.


Am I always respectful towards others?

Or do I appear to be while harbouring disrespect in my heart, perhaps without even knowing?


Am I kind, all of the time?

Do I put kindness first in all of my dealings?

Or do I make getting what I want the real aim?


Do I love?

Do I care?


Do I take time to feel into another’s life and wonder how to make it better for them and make the doing of that more important than anything else?

All of the time.


Am I committed 100% to living peacefully with others, to including others or do I exclude and marginalise?


Do I make the happiness of others the most important thing, or do I look out for myself?


Do I share all I have so that everyone is properly nourished?

Or do I hold back and keep some things, some love, some care, for myself and a few of my privileged circle?


Do I open my heart in friendship to all or do I smile while keeping my heart conditional, or not opening it at all?


When I see you have something I would like do I celebrate that, or do I take it?


When I see something I want, do I notice you would like it too, and if I do is it a brief noticing followed quickly with half closed eyes, distracted mind and busy noisy life? Or do I share with you?


Do I take and control, or do I open with my soft eyes and heart and say, lets work this out together?


Do I move through my days and nights serving my own needs and ambitions, or do I serve others and know the joy of that, the circle of it?


Do I live my life in service to you, or take advantage of situations to your disadvantage?


Is the fear of not getting my needs met, bigger than my respect for your life?


I’ve been asking myself if I’m a friend to you, through each person and situation that I meet you, and I find that the answer to that question, has not always been yes.


And so I have been thinking

About whether or not I express the qualities

That I’d like the governments and corporations

To express

Asking myself if I am a model




I’ve been wondering

If I behave in a way


I’d like

The people in positions of power





I find


The answer

To that question

Has not







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