The Art of Hosting

This is a conversation started by the AoH Online Hosting Team where we're asking for your contribution in how we can better host ourselves online (and maybe also elsewhere!).  What are your thoughts about how to:

  • encourage more of us to step in and help with the hosting?
  • share the responsibility for being a community that learns together?
  • deepen the practice of hosting ourselves so we can better host the whole?

It seems to us that the more energy we share in gathering the more we gather and the more we share.  A community that has energy attracts more energy.

We also know that every one of us has skills, experience and a unique perspective to share.  We're wondering what will happen when more of us connect.  How do we make that easy and effortless?

And finally, we're sensing (probably along with the rest of the world! ;-) ) that this is an important year.  Art of Hosting is over 10 years old.  So what's next?  We'd like to involve everyone in that conversation.

So what do you want to encourage?  What are your thoughts?

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I'm warmed to see this unity and collecive initiative around the AoH community. As the caller of AoH in French (first gathering in 2010, reiterated last year and to be held in Liege in July - invitations going out soon!) I would like to step forward and do for the French-speaking community what Frauke is doing for the German speaking community. I don't know what this will look like ... Have taken a first step in that direction in wanting to translate into French the Assumptions Hosting Practice, a text that Toke, Monica, Jan and Mikkel put together in 1999. Nadine has stepped forward to help on this and we've invited the francophone community to join us on the shared file to come up with une belle traduction en français! Those interested can go to the AoH francophone group; together we are better translaters than alone! I feel very called to bring our practices and life philosophy close to the French. And close to the French means in French! I would like to encourage others to join us here. There is so much to be done ... and it is exciting!


I hoped you would do that! Great!

You can take a look at the page that Frauke is putting together - in German. Next to some harvests of AoH gatherings she also is putting together a list of books and articles that are related with AoH. I would also include the workbook(s) in your language. If you want to put it on the page your self, then we can make you an administrator for this site - that would really be the best as to not make any mistakes in French!

This is the page that I have put together so far...

With love,


Lovely to have you step in here, Nancy!

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