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I've just joined the Art of Hosting on-line community and am excited to learn from and with you all. There are a number of conversations that I'm keen to have, but I'll start with the one that is at the top of my mind...


I am on the look out for social purpose organizations that are taking conscious steps to more deeply align their internal practices with their wider social missions. The organizational version of the Gandhian philosophy 'be the change you want to see in the world.' At Organization Unbound, we are exploring what this collective stance looks like in practice. How is it lived out on a daily basis and in what ways does it radiate out into the broader work? Here is a more detailed description.


Have you ever come across an organization that you feel fits this description? If so, I would love to hear your experience. It could be non-profit, social enterprise, governmental, a more informal grouping, etc. 




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Hello Tana,

This looks like a great inquiry!

It might be interesting to look at the Worldblue list of the most democratic workplaces:

These organisations on the list are taking extra care of their people, democratic processes and purpose, they might suit your description as well. It might be worth getting in touch with some of them!


AIESEC International ( is one of the organisations in that list. I guess you might have looked at it already.. I have worked for AIESEC many years and to me this is a wonderful example of how an organisational vision (peace and fulfillment of humankind potential) is lived by every member in over hundred countries, and it takes about half a year to co-create and communicate the mid-term strategy with over 60000 members worldwide.

Thank you so much for your suggestions, Ekaterina. I'm familiar with Worldblue and have been meaning to get in touch with them. Your suggestion is the gentle nudge I needed : )

I would love to hear more about your experience at AIESEC...maybe over a skype call? If that interests you, please drop me an email: I'm curious to explore what this looks like in such a wide-reaching networked organization. 

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