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Hi everyone,


Sunny greetings from 'winter' striken Mauritius (yeah right!) :) I am currently doing a research for a company called ELIA (ecological living in action) that wishes to set up a Green School. The question I am trying to get my head around is:

"How to support children in discovering, learning, practising and applying the kind of relational practices that open an awareness of and care for our planet?" 

I have been looking up Deep Ecology, teaching ways of Indigenous tribes and have looked at Green School in Bali and EcoLiteracy Institute material. I am sure that there is so much more out there that I am so close to yet so far. 

Is there anybody out there that can point me to more case studies of how teachers and elders ARE supporting ecological education?

Is there anybody out there that has experience in education for sustainability?

Is there anybody out there that knows Mauritius and its people and can show me the way to Indegenous Wisdom of this place? 

If there is, I hope that you log on to web often :) Any help is most welcome and appreciated. 


Smiles and happines to you all,




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Dear Maja,


One of my friends has been living in Mauritius for about 1,5 years, she was working with youth and now wth corporations (as far as I know) and has a good insight into this lovely island.


Her name is Yulia and this is her email:


I hope this helps and wishing well for your project.



I don't know anything about Mauritius, but you might more of what you are looking for on the Powers of Place online community- search the conversations and the groups there - and then there is also the Powers of Place website, with a long, long list of resources.

I hope this is helpful!


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