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Hello AoH mates,

We've came out of our first AoH gathering and our group of 11 apprentices will be debreifing the event. We would like to go a bit deeper than the basic what went well and what could be improved.

Some of us that are calling this debrief thought of doing a collective story harvest, and then thought a circle would be better so that everyone can hear about everyone's experience.

Any cue's on process, questions to be asked or experience's of doing this?

With much gratitude, Veronica

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Hi Veronica - what a great question! The collective story harvest could still be used in a way that everyone can hear about everyone's experience. I can share more tomorrow...

Also, do share this question on the email list as it might spark more conversation there!



Thank you Amanda for your response and good suggestion.


Let us know what process you decide to use and how it went!

Veronica Vivanco said:

Thank you Amanda for your response and good suggestion.


I just wanted to follow up on some thoughts on our debrief and the notion of apprenticeship.

As we are buliding capacity to build capacity here in Montreal and that there will be a second event in october it felt somehow right to come back on our experience as apprentices. But in the end, as many weeks had passed in between the event and our debrief, there was much to be said and we needed a circle for closing that first cycle.

But i still sit with this preoccupation of coming back on our learnings and realize that even the word apprentice rises up some mixed emotions. Some are quite proud to where it as others feel it is non inclusive, even a bit pretentious as only for an elite group of people.

My friend Michelle Holliday wrote a wonderful blog post on the lost practice of apprenticeship that share's a bit of the mixed emotions related to the word:

For me, the word apprentice allows me to wear the hat that i always want to have on : a lifelong learner. Remembering to stay always in that posture, the learning posture, with fresh eyes and heart. Knowing deep down that i am always, always learning. I also find it very helpful in accepting and holding my shortcomings, errors and even experiments. The word apprentice connects me with the very thought of beeing a practitioner of the art of hosting, the learning ART of beeing together, a path that is forever refining itself as i walk on it.

In retrospect to come back on our experience as apprentices, i am thinking that it could of been fun to use the collective story harvest using the canevas of the four fold practice. As every art of hosting comes with it's own learnings it could be fun to see in wich fold these learnings find themselves.

An experiment to try out!

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