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When I first learned the (then) 5 Breaths of Design and the Chaordic Stepping Stones my wondering was on how to work with the two together. They felt complementary, overlapping in some ways, and yet also different.

Over the past two years I've played around with a mind map that combines the two - that helps me hold both. I like the mind map format as I have the journey all on one page in a stuctured but not completely linear format. I haven't included all of the wonderful questions shared in recent versions of the Chaordic Stepping Stones or Breaths of Design; but a good handful that work well for me in my work. And it is always iterating... I'll come across a new good question and add it... or a new breath or two gets added and in it goes as well. I don't have the newest eight breath reflected yet.

So on the topic of breaths, I'm taking a big one and sharing my map here with the community.  My intention is not to dull the power of these two design helpers in their stand-alone forms, but to have a handy tool for me - one who likes maps! And gratitude to all those before me who have created and grown the Breaths of Design and Chaordic Stepping Stones.

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Nice...I like the way you map these in a non linear way against each other.  This is a really useful tool.

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