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AOH and related group dialog methods - Where are they being used in cities?

Hello friends,

I am focused on helping introduce collaborative group conversations in the context of cities (or towns): their governmental departments along with their neighborhood associations and community groups.

I am seeking to learn more about places where this is already being done, meet those who are facilitating, and learn about their successes (and challenges).

Whatever information you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much -- Robb Kushner -- in Jersey City

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Hello Robb,

great question you are posing here!

I would like to advice you to pose this question on the emaillist, because the bulk of the people from our global network use the emaillist as main communication tool (and not this Ning platform). We, as the online hosting team, have adapted ourselves to this reality and will copy over the good conversations over to this space.

You might also like to read some of the links and documents that are compiled in the Resources section -> Project Stories; lots of interesting material there already.

If you post your question on the emaillist, you can make a reference of course to this space, where you started your inquiry!

With love,


Thanks so much, Ria! And I greatly appreciate your suggestions.

Can you tell me how to send my post out to the email list?

With gratitude,

Robb, you need to register to the emaillist and then you can send your messages; that's all. Please find it on this page - to the bottom - called Listserve.

Many thanks, Ria!!!

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