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Webinar series on authentic leadership, personal capacities and practice

This webinar series hosted by The Lotus will begin on February 16th and run for 5 weeks. It is the first part in series of two.

We will be discussing the interior aspects of leadership and how to leverage your self as a change agent, be fully yourself and perceive beyond cognition alone.

Please go to …


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Story from Here

A dying system and 

a new Eco-System

wanting to be born.

Labour pains,

no pain killers.

Anyway, we don't want 

to numb this pain.

It's growing pain

forcing us to think

of something that

does not yet exist.

I can almost feel…


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Dare Step into the Fire of your Heart's Song

Bridging Now and Then


All that is still to be

And has Become

The Song

Sung with Heart-full breath

Beyond the Self

Blessings’ wealth…


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How I feel when I've said why I'm here and I'm asked why I'm really here

In these reflections prompted by the Art of Hosting training at The Burren, I'd like to make some distinctions about the words which facilitators and coaches choose to use.

The point is partly about the difference that these words might make with our groups and clients - how they feel about things, which aspects of topics they might most focus on, what in the end they might or might not do differently.

And it’s partly about how our language reflects our assumptions. I’m…


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We – human Beings, humanity – are at a crossroads that holds profound choice. Do we go this way or that? Do we stay on the path we are on… or choose another? Do we let go, open up, walk out… walk on?

All are possible. All are choices. Yet what choice provides the greatest flow, the greatest service, the greatest potential? How do we discern? How do we find the courage to say YES – and move… in order to place ourselves well?…


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Art of Hosting Learning Village in Copenhagen, Dec 2-4 2011. Harvest of the village

Hi Everyone! I hope this message finds you all spectacularly well : )

After a great 3day gathering in Copenhagen for the Art of Hosting Learning Village this last month here is some web visual harvest!

Thanks to all who were there! It was an incredible event for many reasons. A deeper sense of…


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Bringing AoH into a historically command-and-control organization

I've found a "mate" among my coworkers!  *relief*.   We had a design meeting today and prepared for a conference call with the rest of our team, which will take place tomorrow.  


She had said something in a conference call yesterday that made me think that a hosted conversation and attention to harvest would help, so I offered to help her design the meeting.  I sent her a handful of pages out of our AOH journal (the Columbus 2011 journal, pages 26-29, 42-45) to look over…


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