The Art of Hosting

A dying system and 

a new Eco-System

wanting to be born.

Labour pains,

no pain killers.

Anyway, we don't want 

to numb this pain.

It's growing pain

forcing us to think

of something that

does not yet exist.

I can almost feel it,

this not yet born thing.

Do I need to push?

Or breathe faster?

Where are the answers?

They are in me, 

in you, in us, waiting

to come together

in conversations.

To take flight and

to breathe life into

a system waiting

to be born.

But wait!

Before answers, there

must be questions,

wicked questions they say.

Are these questions

in me too?

Do I push now?

Or should I breathe faster?

No, these are not the questions...

I need to slow right down,

become mindful,

pay attention to WHAT IS

and listen to 

the emerging question:

What is the story

from Here 

we all need to hear?

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Comment by Marielle Pariseau on January 31, 2012 at 11:02am
Ria, thank you. I searched this site for the Poems and Quote conversation page without success. Where do I find this?
Comment by Ria Baeck on January 24, 2012 at 5:06am

Great poem! Thanks for sharing! (you could also post it on the Poems and Quote conversation, where we collect these.)

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