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After a Circle Intensive - Sept. '11 in Belgium, hosted by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea - we opened this group/space to share experiences with circle practice. So, here it is for anyone to use. Please share any stories of how the circle has worked, lived and digested in your self and in your work and life.

On this site is also a conversation space that is intended to gather reflections on how important Circle Practice is for Art of Hosting practitioners to deepen their overall practice; so that one has a more specific focus.

October '14 there opened a Facebook group on The Circle Way, that you might enjoy too!

Here all kind of stories are welcome!

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Comment by Waltraud HELLER on September 21, 2011 at 11:36am

thanks - hm that's what we thought but so far we are still waiting for the miracle :-) but maybe we want too much too quickly, as we would like to have a permanet room set up in circle and world café - but we do now have a management decision since yesterday that if we communicate in advance for which stakeholder meetings we need this setup, it will be done. (but the original promise was a permanet room... and so this means we don't have a set up for all of our internal circles etc.)


So for the time being we keep collecting these wonderfully positive feedback forms from stakeholders :-) and for the rest we decided to "let things happen". I will report back when the miracle happens...


and thanks for raising the point to simply ask them questions - you are right the solution will come from them.


take care,


Comment by daniela terrile on September 21, 2011 at 11:21am

ciao Wal

you do not have to convince the manag but just put in front of the situation and give energies to them and propose a different solution

management adores to be the first to implement something new and I guess you have power to shift your energy to the mind and heart of your management ..; just trust, just ask them to think of a possible solution, a miracle and you will be astonished of the answer

they already know that rows are set for a debate and circle for a dialogue

so the solution is already there, maybe just to be provocative and stimulate creativity start drawing circle on the table or on the flipchart

they will come up wth that solution: a wonderful work of co-creation together


they will start seeing in a different way; we cannot see what we do not have in our heart



Comment by Waltraud HELLER on September 21, 2011 at 3:55am

Dear All, greetings form Vienna where I seem to be in circles every day - some circles across Europe like this one, some in my workplace, some in my family...


At work (EU Fundamental Rights Agency) we have started doing our stakeholder meetings in a "participatory" way since June this year - feedback from participants is exciting; scepticism from within the house puts some strain on our little group... how do you all deal with this type of resistance? We chose to just keep going low key, we think success will be our biggest ally...


Last week we had a one-and-a-half-day meeting with government officials from all 27 EU Member States. We decided to preceed it by an informal meeting (all were invited, as many as 15 showed up!) which we did in circle and world café; main topic was how our orgaisation could better connect with the Member State level and serve their needs better; i.e. how to have an impact and promote change more effecitvely. Apart from that session being really successful, we felt that this cirlce then continued holding the main session. Main session was less interactive, but had some elements as well. Before the meeting there had been quite some scepticism (even among ourselves) how government officials would react to that type of meeting - evaluation forms give great feedback :-)


Next question: any good, successful practices on how to convince your organisation on a different physical room setup for meetings? :-)


best regards,





Comment by Kirsi Joenpolvi on September 20, 2011 at 4:33pm
Thank you Ria, for organizing this group, I will share more when I am all settled, things seem to be moving so fast at the moment. But good to know we are connected in this virtual group the roots of which are REAL!
Comment by Kirsi Joenpolvi on September 20, 2011 at 4:30pm
Hi Mara, So good to see your beautiful face here, too!
Comment by Katharine Weinmann on September 20, 2011 at 3:14pm


I've just joined...not yet to share an experience as I am right now so very deep in a reculturing at work with words "before, beneath and beyond" my experiences.  I am touched by your stories below.  Thank you, Ria,

for this opening as well.


Comment by Mara Senese on September 20, 2011 at 1:59pm


I love your circle in the organic park.  So creative and symbolic!  Also love being connected in this circle on AoH.

Love, Mara


Comment by Mara Senese on September 20, 2011 at 1:48pm

When I arrived back in Norway late Wednesday night, I was greeted by a shocking message from a person very dear to me that she had a tumor pressing on her brain and optic nerve and would undergo an operation already on Friday (16th).  She and her husband had set up what has to be called a "Healing Circle" on a website called  I plunged into that circle and didn't come up for air for most of the weekend.

Being so full of love when I left Brussels it was easy to move into this healing circle.  And it pumped me up with more love - magnified by all the messages sent to my friend - visible to all of us.  We followed her path daily with reports from her husband and comments back from all of us.  It has been quite otherworldly.  The love seemed to pour beyond the boundaries of the circle.  We were all touched by the powerful energy it generated.

Amazingly, she was able to go home already on Sunday! - even with 35 or so staples in her head - exactly one week after her tumor was discovered.  She herself posted to us last night!  She says she is feeling well, with very little pain and ready for the next steps.  She is peaceful, even awaiting the biopsy that is expected tomorrow. This seems to most of us to be rather incredible and amazing. 

In addition, this circle experience has spilled over into my own life.  While in the midst of it, my brother came to us, five sisters, with yet another crisis - not  unexpected but more dramatic.    Usually we sisters deal with this in a bad way - fall into negative emotions of fear, anger etc.  But when I woke the next morning, I got the idea to write my sisters a letter and suggested that we try to connect with each other by choosing Love instead of going into our Fear, so that we could stand together and see my brother with compassion. I also needed the Lion to do this, I have to admit!  And as I sent the letter,  I pictured us in a circle, connected with love. To my surprise, one of my sisters sent an immediate reply and thanked me for the letter.  And within minutes we found a new solution that everyone agreed with easily. The next day I could feel a shift in the energy of my family.  Everyone calmed down. And we are all back on track, including my brother. Wow!  I can hardly believe it.  I call it - The Power of Circle - even at a distance. 

And so I send you all lots of LOVE, since it is still pumping through me!  Looking forward to hearing from others.


Comment by daniela terrile on September 20, 2011 at 10:24am


dear all

here attached a picture of a circle I have made some time ago into the organic park close to my house

the circle is in the center of the main entrance which for the time being has been closed by administrative authorities of the city of brussels. I ask to think to this circle too, and to send your energies in the middle, to protect this oganic park I really would like to organize a visit in October in the park and enter the circle and convey my wishes to the center to pray and protec this sacre place.

thank you

love and peace


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