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Harvest: Strengths of Slovenia (Engl + Slov)

What is the DNA of a specific country, its people and statehood – the core that sustains us when crisis hits? What can be learnt when we collectively inquire into the strengths & uniqueness of Slovenia that can be transferred to our own communities/societies, as well as help Slovenia in this time of crisis? What if we gather together to have a look at the challenges we face, while seeing how our strengths and uniqueness might give us new perspectives and new answers. Would something else be possible that wasn't possible before?
The gathering at Statenberg Major, Strengths of Slovenia, between 16th and 18th of august 2013 was a gift to the country of Slovenia, initiated by Art of Hosting practitioners to help us see ourselves as foreigners see us and reconnect with our inner resources, reclaim our power and rebuild hope, with intention to inspire towards taking further steps to a better world.

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