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Powers of Place: Kufunda Learning Village

On Saturday, I received an invitation from Sarah to join the Powers of Place Gathering in November in Kufunda Learning Village.

When I joined the Pioneers of Change learning network 5 years ago, Kufunda started calling me to come for a learning experience in the future. Kufunda has been popping up at different stages in my Pioneers of Change journey so far but I have never made it.

Ever since I came back from India (where I lived 2003-04), I have this question inside me: "What can we learn from India?" which once in a while turned into "What can we learn from Africa?". The latter just reemerged last Thursday in an idea-mining session at the BMW Foundation here in Berlin when I brainstormed associations with the word "Globalization".

Roughly 10 days ago, we hosted a Hub Berlin development workshop (see some of the harvest here) and we had a conversation with 17 people living in Berlin around the role of a future Hub Space in Berlin. Reconnecting to the Art of Hosting conversations that we had in the past few months in Germany there is a need for healing, to rediscover the national identity and a possible mission of a future Hub Berlin could be: "“Hub Berlin is a fear-free co-learning space in Berlin that hosts collaboration for global people with ideas for a better world.”

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