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“Is it Time to Wake Up?” Humankind asked, rubbing sleepy eyes, stretching arms wide, as the Earth sat quietly at the foot of the bed.


“I think so, but it’s not up to me”, The Earth replied with deep compassion.  “I’ve tried to help you understand that we are intimately connected – and influence each other daily - not always positively I might add - but its only when Disturbance shows up that you hear me.  And when he does show up  - and he has done so before - it is always for the best.  But it takes Courage and a whole load of Others to be able to be on the Journey together and face Reality.  Yet, you wake up for a little while, and then always seem to fall asleep again.  I don’t understand it.”


As this point, Humankind looked down, slowly winding the thick blanket round and round Conscience’ and Embarrassment’s fingers, who had surreptitiously snuggled closely under the bedcovers too.


“I believe its time to be in real partnership, face Reality together and co-evolve our lives in a way that is real and joyful.  But as I said, Life and I cannot make you wake up.”


Humankind considered the Earth’s wisdom.  “Mmmm, well – I guess when you put it like that, Disturbance has been hounding my dreams recently –and I can’t rest easy at all.  Maybe it IS time…!”


As Humankind slipped carefully out the bed, followed swiftly by Conscience, and leaving Embarrassment feeling exposed, who quickly dragged the bedcovers over his head, two faces popped quickly around the doorway.


“Great!!  You’re up!!!” the smaller one said, shimmering with excitement.


“Who are YOU?”  Humankind asked.


“I’m The Pattern and my partner is The Work!  Pleased to meet you…finally!!  OK everyone, its time to get to work!!!”


And with this, they turned sharply on their heels and waved Humanity and the Earth to follow.


~Excerpt taken from Is it Time to Wake Up? - The Chronicles of Living Wholeness, a Book-in-progress


by Sarah Whiteley



Today marks the beginning of the Universal Wave Movement - Wind of Unity Consciousness

Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: the Mayan Calendar, Dr. Carl J. Calleman

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