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This morning – as is my practice these days – I tended the fire. Another cold, rainy day here at Axladitsa – now totalling two weeks.  So, last night I placed more wood to make sure it would still be hot in the morning – and easily refreshed with logs.  Yet, as I tended the embers this morning, to took more effort than usual to get the fire going again.


Blowing hard, placing small sticks, opening and closing the bottom grill to bring more air – the conditions simply did not re-heat the heart strongly enough.


Finally, with three small logs in a row – balanced on top of the small white-hot sticks, I left the door open and place another one on top of the three.  IT BURNED.


Tending the fire’s heart is deep work, patient work - and cannot be rushed.


We often speak of aligning head, heart and will – a presencing practice necessary to become fully present and then to burn for something of true service.  And this morning, I had my lesson, that most probably this is true.  Yet, this fire also needed air - space – an open crack in the door to draw the energy from deep within the burning centre.  Otherwise it had nothing to burn for.


Unless we BURN for something, we cannot live our destinies – be fully present – be of full service.  For me, it seems a prerequisite to being alive!


I KNOW that unless my embers stay strong overnight too – I cannot step forward in life’s service each day. And I see there is MUCH that I burn for.  Perhaps too, the three logs were not necessarily me alone, but those I stand alongside – who’s edges and passions ignite and nurture my own - ready to burn more strongly – naturally - in service of Life.



Unless we engage our authentic selves, we cannot live the future now

Unless we engage our fullness, we cannot take the leap individually and call in collectively

Unless we tremble collectively, we cannot presence the new

Unless we take a leap together, we cannot access and live the next level of our humanity

Unless we are willing to hold the space open long enough for our collective clarity to emerge, we cannot shift our systems and behaviour for the better

Unless we fuse the streams of practice and inquiry, we cannot see what else is possible and be prepared to meet our chaos

Unless we acknowledge our collective identity, we cannot co-create our real work

Unless we unlearn our complicatedness, we cannot find the simplicity of the next elegant step

Unless we share our new insights immediately, we do not serve evolution

Unless we BURN for something, we cannot live our destinies

Unless we live through our collective identity, we cannot become whole

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Comment by Barbara Peebles on March 8, 2011 at 5:07pm
Tears and a deep sense that this is true.....much love......
Comment by Sarah Whiteley on March 4, 2011 at 4:48am
That's great Frauke!  xx
Comment by Frauke Godat on March 4, 2011 at 4:25am
Thank you Sarah. We will use this as inspiration to invite people in Berlin to share their burning questions for calling an Art of Hosting training in Berlin ;-)

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