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Hi everyone,

Wanted to share this event happening in Vancouver on June 23rd @ 6pm with the Water Dialogues community - and the Art of Hosting community is welcome too! There is still time to register. Here is the link to the Eventbrite, and I've copied some of the invitation below:

Building on the momentum and energy created from the last Waterlution Art of Hosting Water Dialogues workshop, we invite you to join us for this upcoming "Splash Workshop - Everything but the meeting”. When planning meetings or events, it is easy to get stuck in the logistics and focus too much on the details of an event. In this workshop, we will offer some strategies to help you to think about how to plan effective meetings and ensure that meeting outcomes are captured and carried forward.

Chris Corrigan and Amanda Fenton (The Art of Hosting) are partnering with the Waterlution Vancouver Hub and the Canadian Water Network to offer this 2.5 hour workshop where we will have the opportunity to talk about best practices when planning and looking at a framework to help you to plan “everything but the meeting”.

As with our last workshop, a portion of the evening will be dedicated to a Pro-Action café, which is an opportunity to apply some of the strategies that Chris and Amanda will be introducing. We encourage you to come to this workshop with a current or planned project in mind, and to be ready to share ideas and provide feedback to others. The evening will be delivered through a water lens, yet those who attend will find it useful for any meeting purposes to develop skills beyond the meeting. 

For this event we have introduced a sliding scale for the workshop cost. We invite you to pay what you can. We suggest $15 for students and $25 for professionals, although we do not want cost to be a barrier for anyone attending this workshop.


About the Waterlution Vancouver Hub:

The Waterlution Vancouver Hub is dedicated to facilitating interdisciplinary conversations about water. We aim to create a strong network of Vancouverites who are passionate about the future of our water and the community linked to it. Carrying these conversations through to wider networks, we hope to foster collaboration and creativity, towards innovative solutions to water issues.

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