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Dear Friends

In recent months, I have been diving deep ... exploring, excavating ... and sometimes balancing on the edge between the Dark Night and the Void ... an evolutionary 'edge' I greatly feared in my 'darkest moments' and yet, in recent times, revered. However, during this tender time, in navigating the subtle edge 'between' the distinctions of 'black', I slowly revealed a gateway to my next level of work: the subtle arts of conscious evolution.

Today, I launched the Subtle Arts of Conscious Evolution Facebook page, and invite you to join. Just before going 'live', I invited the wisdom of iTunes to randomly select the song that would offer insight :-) Out of 5375 possible songs, ‘Living the Creative Fire’, from Disc 2 of The Creative Fire, by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes was the shuffled ‘song of choice’. 

Dr Estes says … “There is something about creative life that is about reaching down into the hottest water, with the tenderest of hands, trying to extract that one sterling piece of material that clearly lays on its side and the bottom. It’s finding that one thin lens in a plush rug … “

For me, the lens of Subtle Artistry, is perhaps one of the exciting leadership frontiers of our conscious evolution.

With this, I began a MA/PhD program in September with the Graduate School of Wisdom Studies: developing the philosophy and subtle artistry of conscious evolution - and currently, am exploring the Akasha Paradigm in an online module with Ervin Laslo, and others -

and if resources allow (in the form of donated airmiles/funds to cover my flight from the UK to Mexico) attending the Exploring the Edge of Evolution: The Intimate Community as Leader at the Pyramids of the Sun, in Teotihuacan, Mexico, in late October.

My desire is to explore, expand and co-evolve the subtle arts of conscious evolution with others, and yes, this is also a deeply personal journey.  My intent is that this Subtle Worlds space, Powers of Place my Website, FB - plus other resonant online spaces be 'action-research' portals for co-creation and harvest.

I hope to co-journey with you all, in right timing.

Much love,



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Ah Sarah, this is a tender and delicate thing you seek to research. I'm right there with you, all along the way.

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