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Since I called this group a bit over a year ago, it has become quite popular, and a great deal of questions and experience has been exchanged. Thank you for all these beautiful contributions! Now it is time to become a bit more concrete. Personally I have made working with the subtle and invisible a learning journey over the last year, and it certainly has paid back, in hosting events and the rest of my life.  I have met and worked with people who dedicated their lives to working with the subtle, the most renowned perhaps, being Marko Pogacnik who came to our Bregenzer Salon last year. Now we are planning a deepening training in the Art of Hosting and Harvesting conversations that matter in autumn, 1-3 November 2012, to which I will bring what I have learned. See for the invitation:AoH_herbst%202012_fin.pdf

One more conscious aspect of this training will be the art of sensing. Sensing space, sensing what place offers or calls for, sensing the energies of the day and time, using music to lighten up or deepen the moment, body work, but also and foremost, working with clear intention, and how that can guide and pull the forces of the subtle worlds together. In the end hosting work is working towards best possible co-creation of what is available in a given space at a given time. (The training is intended to be in German, however if English becomes a need we will expand to that need. And as sensing is anyway often happening in the world beyond words, we are more than ready to  accommodate).

I have also had the privilege to meet Petra Rahlfs, who as a medium has worked with advising companies and leaders in their very practical decisions for years. 

Her fascinating capacities lead a famous German publisher to ask her to write a book, so that her talents could benefit more people, and also suggested that she would start to give workshops. Well, the book is out, “Making the invisible visible”, "Unsichtbares sichtbar machen" . And as Petra got to know the Bregenzer Salon, she chose it as the space for her first workshop on 30 October 2012. So in case you want to combine the deepening of the art of hosting with learning from her precious experience and sensing, or just focus on that workshop, you are welcome to join us a day or two before the AoH Training, for a workshop and/or some personal coaching on October 31st in that field of making the invisible more invisible. On October 29 there will be an introductory lecture. More details are here.

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Hello Ursula, thank you for sharing this beautiful invitation. I just found this group and seeing your invitation was amazed by the synergy with a call I'm making in Brazil around deepening our hosting skills through understanding and sensing the subtle and being able to influence it. Including the dates, it was going to happen the same dates, but we changed for next February. Would love to follow up on you call and maybe we can exchange experiences and harvests. :) Narjara


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