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I'd like to share these visuals for this group Visual Event Summary. I have been involved with harvesting (mostly the visual part) for many years. 

At this one day event we designed visual tools for all participants to reflect with. The program was from the organisers without engagement, and we managed to make the point that the visual tools along side the visual harvest (graphic recording) would increase everyones value of the one day. 

We also made an effort to capture the shared thoughts of the 620 participants. This was mainly done in the breaks. I know this is slightly different from the kind of harvest in worldcafe, circle and OST session - never the less I believe it is valuable input on how the visuals can be used to design both process and harvest. 

Am very interested in hearing this groups thoughts. 


PS: You can find all the visual material created from the TEDx Copenhagen event here:

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Thanks Ole

Great - Very clear


You are very welcome Monica :) Long time so see. Hope you are very well. Impressed with the work you are doing. Love the documents which are being made. 

For further exposure of your work, it might be good to announce this on the AoH Facebook group, if you are part of that universe...


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