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email to AoH List on February 24, 2011:


In the past 2 weeks, I have been part of conversations here in Berlin where I think, it is time for another Art of Hosting training in Berlin.
Within the Berlin coworking scene, I have heard these questions:
- How do we move from coworking to colearning spaces?
- How do we host collaboration spaces with an impact on society?
- How do we take responsibility of all these questions currently emerging:
And we hosted a Learning Lab with some Knowmads, where a group is currently self-organizing around "the intention to keep learning from each other and the will to meet again to share knowledge on facilitation and transformation." Here a harvest from that Learning Lab:
There is also a working group for a future learning lab - looking for a space to manifest itself in the city. And a need to develop the content and questions of this future learning space...
I guess, I am looking for mates and stewards to co-host these questions during an Art of Hosting training...
Best from Berlin...

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And also happening yesterday in Berlin: The Coworking Germany Meeting


Some questions discussed there:

  • Co-Working beyond, we dont need more coworking centres?! How do we involve our local environments? (Local Intelligence Platform)
  • From co-working to co-hosting: a step forward collaboration, networking, contribution. How can we foster communities of practice and promote cross-field collaborations? (Art of Transformation)
These 'Archives of the Future' sounds really great! Keep us in the loop!
Just had a brief conversation with Martina: there is something bubbling with the Transformation Lab, Future Learning Space, etc. with having another space in Berlin. Art of Place-making could be part of a possible training...

I'm following!

Isn't that a great process of seeing things bubbling up, and sensing what it is that is really calling, and what is your own, unique role in it?

Hi! Frauke, I replied to your original email but then didn´t make it to the call. I am just doing my first official AoH training (I am at the training in Karlskrona now), but have worked with some of the concepts for a little while. I am originally from Germany and would be happy to assist in any way to bring out whatever is bubbling. Let me know how I can help!
We had a physical sensing circle in Berlin last week with 10 (!) people. Here are my reflections and some pictures.
Hi Merlina, nice to meet you! Benjamin who was also in Karlskrona last week joined us for the conversation last Wednesday. Where are you based? And what is the call that you hear and the need that you see to step into this conversation?
Hi, I am based in Karlskrona all year round. I can't much speak really to the need or the call I sense from the situation there, since I haven't lived there in a while. But I am interested in delving into what's going on with AoH in Germany and join the community there. I am thinking of moving back at some point in the near future and would like to be connected and see how I can contribute to the change that is needed. Let me know how I can help!

Sensing call with Stewards, March 31 2011


Attendees: Ria, Mary-Alice, Simone, Frauke, Gabriele, Karen


Purpose of the call: sensing deeper into next training, series of events around AoH in Germany


Check-in question: What has called you to the call and why are you here today?


Questions from the check-in circle:

- How do we change the way we work together?

- What is the process to set up an AoH training?
- How to support what is happening in Germany?

- How do we organize differently, within and between organisations, and in the education and learning field?

- How do we develop new leadership to take society to a new level?

- How do we connect different social change networks in Berlin for impact creation?

- Why does the local community need an AoH training?

- How is this a possibility to stand togetehr in collective practice and see more about the transformations that are happening in the world?

- What are the new ways of leadership, working, and learning together?

- How to slow down and really listen?


Reflections on calling question:

- What is learning if you're living in a complex system -- what should learning look like in complexity or chaotic circumstances. Learning isnt like education..

- How to slow down in complexity? How do we build trust?

- we have to give space to people to open themselves for learning, trust that they can say: I don't know and I want to learn. That they can have questions and don't have to have solutions.

- Learning for Change or Learning and Leading in Change

-  How do we learn and lead in collaboration in self-organizing environments?

- Knowledge and action don't connect, when complexity comes in

- How do we learn and lead in change and complexity?


Practical questions:

- What do we need in order to host a training in German?

- When would be a good time for an AoH Training in Berlin?

Hello dears. I am just back from a earth healing gathering in Germany, and came across quite some interest on AoH, but it really needs to be in German-German. Interesting aspect for me to see, is a reality.

I am interested in the outcome of your call on the 31st and add to the field.




Dear Ursula,

Just sent you our collective notes from the skype call. About an AoH training in German: we are currently sensing it is a geographical matter: in Berlin it would exclude the non-German-speaking change agents currently being very active in the city and German as a training language is much more a need in the field that Gabriele and you are working in, in the south. Best, Frauke

Reflections on a calling here


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