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Guten Tag everyone.

I'm wondering if there's going to be any cross-over of AoH with AIN (Applied Improvisation Network) conference that I'm going to. The overarching theme is the Art of Leadership ( ...It will be my third AIN conference.

It'd be lovely to meet, share and cross-pollination with anyone who is going, as well as to find out more and connect with those hosting in and around Berlin. 

To sharing autumnal discoveries.


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Hi Liane

Yes, I'll be there, and look forward to cross-pollinating.

Cheers, Paul

I'll be there too and actually I am hosting a harvesting team together with Wiebke Herding. Would you join us?

All love,


Brilliant :D

Looking forward to seeing you both there. 

And Karen - I'd love to join the harvest team. It'd also be great to get some more information such as, is it for the whole conference? I'll come and find you Wednesday evening(?) /Thursday morning to get the overview but if there's material to read over before hand then please send it my way.

Liane Xx

:-) great! Lets Skype :-) (kschmi)


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