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I'm working on a project to make a short film documenting the significance of Inuit connection to the land - historical, cultural, spiritual, practical.
I am looking for examples you may have encountered in your lives of authentic representations of Aboriginal life - a film or video that struck your heart cords and made you think, "Yes, they've got it right." Please send links.

I sent this out as an email too - sorry if you get it twice - I am without a map on how to behave and naviagte such online forums properly :)

Thank you! Nukummek.

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I look forward to the film! I have so often found that I am limited in explaining a relation to the land coming from the dessert and to that, which I have felt in New Mexico, in a way that carries meaning for others. It is a soft, yet very concrete feeling, and words (my words) don't carry it fully! Thanks. Heather


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