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powerful calling question: 1st AoH India Training - summer 2013

The 1st AoH India training is planned for this summer. Throughout the past months of conference calls a number of reflections have been shared on

What makes a powerful calling question for India?

I invite you share your own thoughts below. Feel free to browse through the harvests or take inspiration from the extracts presented below:

the calling invitation and question [...] when powerful attracts the numbers, the right people, right mindsets, right practices and learning — Natasha

gentle reminder that we are not specifically aiming to involve the NGO/grassroots. We aim to have a question that is powerful in that it is meaningful to government, corporate, small business and non-profit sector. — Mischa

[The] question around sustainability didn’t work as well as social ones. — Natasha

How can we live/work the good life we want? — Mischa

How can I be better in fulfilling my life and expectations of the family.

lastly, there is a wealth of information elsewhere e.g. in the conversation on the 'art of powerful questions'. I am inspired :) What are your reflection?

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Just a 'brainfart' for some questions:

How can we take leadership into action to turn change into sustainability?

How van we take leadership into action to connect communities for sustainability?

How to connect leadership and build community for a sustainable future?


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