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What to do if participants question the design during the session?

Hi there, my name is Ina and I am new to this community. I am an experienced facilitator but pretty new to AoH. Here is a question I could use some thoughts and input on. The question is based on a situation that occurred during a workshop I ran last week.

What can one do as a host, if one participant keeps questioning the design and purpose of the workshop and wants his (different) questions to be addressed?

Last week, I just let go at some point and asked to group, whether they would like to follow the agenda or discuss the question of that one participant. I had the group take a vote among these 2 options. They voted for discussing the question of the participant.

 After the workshop, I got good feedback from most people (apart the one who pushed for his question). However, I did not feel good about it. I felt manipulated and I felt that the group had not taken a true and honest vote.  After we started discussing the new question in a circle (with 12 people) rather than small group as planned (triads), the whole process felt way less democratic to me.

What would you have done in my case? Whatare your experiences from similar situations? Are there any techniques to ask the group for an honest vote? I would be grateful for any thoughts and insights, Ina

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