The Art of Hosting

Dear Community.

I am writing my final exam about Art of Hosting and education, and I need your help.


It is so hard to explain what Art of Hosting actually is, so I would like to hear your version.


"How would you define The Art of hosting in a one liner?"


I will use the replies to weave an answer to the question, as a little collective wisdom.


Love and spring fever Anne

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Hello Anne,

I'm not going to try to define what AoH is in one line... it is too much for one line to me. Take a look at the static website, on the home page there are already a few attempts. (look under the Resources tab ->AoH website) Good luck with your exam!

Thanks for your respons Ria... That first line of yours is already an answer... And yes, there are some good ones on the web page.

I really like this one as well from the artice "From Hero to Host"

"In fact it is easier to say what AoH is not. It is neither a tool, nor a methodology. It is not a strategy although it serves well in strategic planning. It is not a leadership technique, although it calls upon leaders to fundamentally shift the way they contribute to their organizations and communities. It is a practice, like yoga or meditation."

- Tuesday Ryan-Hart, AoH practitioner.


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