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From the email list February 2013...

Hi Frauke and all,

I was a participant in the Dalhousie AoH training last year (and had a minuscule bit to do with it being called). I don't have access to any Harvest from it at the moment - but it was a great experience as we ended with a proaction cafe where students stepped forward with projects that they wanted to continue beyond the weekend. I do believe that some of them were quite successful. Off the top of my head I remember one Nursing student who went on to host a open space discussion regarding a specific aspect (which is escaping me) of the profession of nursing with her classmates just a month later. Perhaps Tim remembers some of the other projects that emerged / has some pictures which tell the story.
What has been really great to see has been students continuing to practice this AoH skillset and more areas of the University adapting it as a way to work. 
I was a participant in a day long conference which Dalhousie held in the fall by, hosted by their University Senate, which examined the future of undergraduate education and contained a world cafe which students who had done the AoH training helped to host. ( )
I also just helped some other students host a world cafe and open space during the East Coast Student Leadership Conference. ( )
It's great to see students bringing their passion to changing the way universities operate and how they interact with each other. The AoH training we called helped to plant the seed that they had the power to begin the transformations that they had always wanted.
Chris Saulnier

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