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Hey folks! A question for those who geek out to the challenges of online event design. 

Have you ever experienced wonderful well-facilitated online events? I would warmly welcome any inspiring examples that come to mind in which online discussion, webcasts, "unhangouts" or other forms of social media engagement were woven together in an engaging and effective way?

Why I'm asking -- I am organising a multi-day "virtual summit" to launch a major report and host some dialogue and discussion around its findings. My organization has one foot in academia and one foot in community work. It tends to favour more traditional event formats -- with some willingness to experiment and hold space for dialogue.

I would be much obliged for your links and leads in the comments below! :-)


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Hello Chris,
Sad to say, but this online forum isn't used much... better to post your question on the emaillist and/or on the FB group. More people will read it there, and you will get more answers!

With love,

Thanks Ria! I'm a bit new to the space, so that is helpful! As it happens, I'm not sure how to post to the email list... could you point me in the right direction?

Look here:

email list is called 'list serve'

with love,


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