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How to deal with cultural frictions between bureaucrats and emergents?

Dear everyone,

Recently I got in contact with Art of Hosting and a few months before that Teal organizing through Frederic Laloux book of 2014. I am so enthousiastic about everything I've now come in contact with that I really want to spread Teal thinking across the Netherlands, where I live. I have just recently been to a networking event to talk about these methods and I get very opposing responses to it. Some people love it and want to know more about it, while others are very strongly against and believe it is just not possible. I expect this to be even more difficult within organizations. 

Transitioning from a bureaucratic model towards emergence inevitably generates frictions between who has a professional culture built on bureaucracy and who enthusiastically embraces the new model. Is there anyone who has a good story about how someone who successfully managed this conflict?

Warm regards, 

Simon Damstra 

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