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Hello Everyone,

I am hosting my first WC event mid July 2016 to re enforce company values.  Juanita Brown from the WCC has suggested I ask on here for some help and advice...  

Sorry for the long winded notes, hope they help define the current settings of our Company.

The event will be for everyone including Directors and senior managers.  One of the Directors has produced a set of values which we are hoping will be adopted by the rest of the Company. The Company has grown rapidly, and those that started in 2001, had the same values as the Directors, but within the last 18 months, the Company has more than doubled in size.  I feel there are three issues that need to be tackled :-

1 newer members don't appear to demonstrate the same values as the older members of staff

2 older members of staff can at times appear to be condescending to newer members and tend to talk about "when we first started this is how we did......."

3 the Trading Director is often absent for long periods of time and can be fickle with his instructions, which leads to low moral at times.

I  appreciate I wont be able to tackle all issues in one go.  

I was thinking of starting with a WC Values event, and to build on the other areas that need addressing once we have engaged people within the value area of development.  I was thinking the other areas would not be broached  within a WC style event but in more of  one to one learning and development situation?

However, once we have been through these three areas, I would be looking at holding another WC event almost as consolidation event.

I've attached the Values and Vision document that has been produced by one of the Directors, which I'm building the event around.

Thank you for reading, and look forward to reading everyone's advice!

Many thanks


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Hello Heather,

Great that you are reaching out! But I have to tell you that a better way to get some responses is either to use the Art of Hosting emaillist and/or the AoH Facebook group. You find links to both of them here:

There is also a tab under this page, where you can find the 'local' - regional contact person, who might be able to help you.

With love,


Thanks Ria, I'll add my have a look at those areas now.  Really appreciate your advice!

Have a good day,


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