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A topic raised by Maria Bakari:

Dearest all,
I wonder if there are any beautiful stories out there & in here that manifest
the blending of the Art of Hosting into the family field...
~How has this way of working and being influenced your family relationships?
~How has the family supported this journey and vice versa?
~How do you see and experience the integration of the two, its authenticity in both fields
and its contribution to the evolution of work, personally and collectively?...
Being in a space of feeling how these two are calling for each other, I'd really appreciate any stories, good examples of family~hosting~art of hosting~implementing at home, taking the family together, participating, holding family values/tales with you in the work~field etc.
anything you would like to share... that can illuminate the dance, with all the colours of diversity...
With love & gratitude,

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Answer from Maria Scordialou:

Yasou Maraki,

I have one - how my sister's and I sat with my dad - to discover a way of hosting the one property he had to passed over to the three of us.  I will write this up and send it through.
Wonderful that you ask this now - yesterday was the third year of the anniversary of his death.  It will be honour and feed his soul to know the story is being told.

Thank you Maria.

Following this Christmas period, I've been wondering the same thing so I'm grateful to see you've started the conversation.

This Christmas, I didn't feel grounded or confident enough to call upon hosting practices during a week's holiday abroad with two other family members. And by the end of it I was frustrated that I hadn't introduced a basic check-in and check-out. 

So I'd love to hear stories around stepping through our fears with family members. Real and imaginary fear's such as: they find it too fluffy, they're too tired / busy, they think it's too structured etc. ...Times people have held an intention to host through to times when the intention came through in the moment.

Wishing you all the colours you need.

Liane X

PS/ let me know if there are any other related conversations happening on the ning too.

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