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From the emaillist, Sept.'14:

Heather Plett wrote:

I am on friendly terms with the front runner in the mayoral race in our city (Winnipeg) and I really want to have a conversation with her that might spark her imagination about how AoH and The Circle Way might transform the way conversations are held in our city. In particular, she has just announced that she wants to create a roundtable to forge a new accord with the First Nations community.

Before I initiate a conversation with her, I'd like to pull together some stories of where AoH and The Circle Way have already been used in civic politics (or related environments) and ideas for ways in which it would be applicable.

Any thoughts, stories, ideas, insights, articles, videos, etc.?

Heather Plett


Here are some ideas about applications from a moving train in Denmark:

  • Tuesday Ryan-Hart’s work using World Café for Obama’s initiative on homelessness
  • Tim Merry’s work on civic engagement in Nova Scotia
  • Phil Cass’s work on healthcare in Franklin County (Columbus area), Ohio — they are now beginning to talk about poverty
  • The 1000 tables initiative in Israel
  • Marjeta Novak calling the SOS (Strengths of Slovenia) project
  • Chris Corrigan & David Stevenson’s work with First Nation people in BC
  • Toke & Linda Mitchell’s work with the Scottish Parliament
  • Lina Cramer & I worked with a Cook County judge on involving people around Restorative Justice in Chicago
  • Natasha Dalmia’s regular open Pro-Action cafes in Singapore
  • Ursula Hillbrand’s community salon sessions in Austria and elsewhere
  • Valmae Rose’s invitation to community people to take part in AoH trainings in Queensland
  • Bob Stilger’s work in Japan, especially after the Triple Disaster

I’m sure I could think of more!

Mary Alice


Also, Jerry Nagel's work in Minnesota, building bridges across Democratic/Republican party differences to address tough issues, his work with Turtle Mountain Community College and the Tiwahe Foundation as well as numerous other intergovernmental/agency experiences.

Kathy Jourdain


And Kajsa Balkfors work with Sweden 3.0, which is even more needed now that the election results are in... :(




you might also be interested in the attached document that Helen Titchen-Beeth and Matthieu Kleinschmager have compiled - telling the story how the Art of Participatory Leadership is used in the European institutions. 
There is also a wealth of resources here:
Looking forward to hearing how your conversation goes...
warm greetings,
Dear Heather and list,
There is beautiful work unfolding with communities of catholic priests striving for a more participatory church. Art of Hosting held by Holger and Wal Heller, Martin Büchele, Marlene Steinbichler and Rainer von Leoprechting (me). It began with Holger meeting the head of the Pfarrerinitiative in Austria, where 400+ priests had signed a call for disobedience. More and more hosting principles came into the working of the association, they are now collaborating on a hosted way across many countries with like-minded initiatives from priests and church staff. Some of them see AoH as a promising model for community work at the parochial level. As the church is short of priests in Europe, the US and other 'old' countries, self-organization of the base communities of church members is an attractive option :-)
Warm regards from Austria,
You can find a batch of civic engagement projects (links, videos, harvests etc), videos of teaching and more on my website at
Also some blogs and reflections on civic engagement here:
Hope this is helpful,

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