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the limits of empathy

 A great article by David Brooks in NY Times

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Balance Point of Truths

Today, a dear and trusted friend voiced a concern of me having posted the video of the UKIP MEP, Nigel Farage – a  UK public servant who’s political party, according to Google is ‘Libertarian, non-racist party seeking Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.’


I replied,  “Yes, I (we) know he is of the Right.  He simply offers a…


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Safety nets for learning




Inspired by the conversation, on Democracy Rising in Greece - about our sense of co-creating a place in Athens, I found this great video on National Geographic: on…


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Wholeness of Economy

Yesterday I received a question from someone on a Ning network, who had clearly read my profile page and blog entries….“ Sarah...How are you systematically shifting your own financial system...or is that a question too far...?”


To which I replied…”Fundamentally - thank you for asking...x”


“Sarah...fundamentally is a big call, where do you start or where did you start...?”


It got me thinking, that perhaps I needed to become conscious and harvest…


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All is not lost

On the face of it, its hard not to lose heart.  Yet, in a sense, the situation here in Greece is getting more real – with the deeper layers of culture exposed through the events these past months.  It has informed our conversations within our local field here and shown the nature of the real challenges ahead.

So we,…


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The Art of Stewarding

Anyone who has ever wanted to call an Art of Hosting training has, in all likelihood, been told how important it is to have seasoned hosts – or stewards – as part of the hosting team. What does it mean to steward and why is this role so important in the Art of Hosting community and in individual training offerings?

I wanted to…


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Community of Practice - What's It All About?

One of the biggest questions arising out of Art of Hosting trainings and related work I've been part of these days is, what's next?  How do we actually practice and…


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Turning to Each Other in Times of Chaos

My news does not, for the most part, come from mainstream media.  Long ago I stopped reading the papers and watching TV news.  Far too depressing and non-constructive.  My news comes from other sources like the Art of Hosting listserve that I am part of (and you could be too, if you aren’t already) as well as other social media like Facebook and Twitter.  I am grateful to…


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